Everglades Challenge 2023

Tracker map info: there are two tracker maps available. All competitors must carry a SPOT or InReach tracker. If one map appears to be down, try the other one.


Click on “Tracking Map” in upper left

Event: EC2023

Class: Class 1 Sail (choose All if you want to see the whole fleet!)

Challenger: MolaMola

Display Detail: Show Tracks and All Waypoints

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Click on “Watertribe Everglades Challenge 2023” under “Now Racing”

Click on the map

Find my name (MolaMola) or can filter by number (3845)

Names in black are active trackers, red indicates inactive (turned off, probably camping/resting, or tracker not working)

Raceowl does not show tracks, just current positions. It will show the whole fleet if you don’t filter, which can be cool to watch everyone spread out down the coast.


Brodie(AKA MolaMola) has landed in Key Largo, finishing the Watertribe EC 300. Congratulations!!!


Yes Indeed! Congratulations! I watched off and on today as she crossed Florida Bay.

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Good job Brodie!!!


Fantastic job! No small feat! I enjoyed following your adventure from the start.

Completing this is a tremendous WIN!!! Congrats Brodie. I followed You and Greg Stamer. Fantastic Job .

Best Wishes

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Congratulations! What a ride/adventure that must have been. It was fun following you on a little map on my phones. Looking forward to some tales and pics.

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Accolades to you and Greg! Awesome performance! Am betting a warm shower felt good at the end of that 300 mile adventure.

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@Rookie you have no idea!! 7 days of sand, salt water, bug spray, sunscreen, gross paddling clothes and bug bites.


So very impressive!

I’m alive! Here are some photos from the race. I’ll try to write up a summary of my thoughts soon. This is not an easy event to describe - one adjective doesn’t even come close to adequately covering the range of experiences you encounter out there. We were very lucky with the weather this year and the incredibly high finish rate reflects that (only 4-5 competitors who actually started didn’t finish; there were another 8-10 who were registered who didn’t start for various reasons).

And apologies to anyone who was tracking me - my Spot tracker, which has worked flawlessly for dozens of training paddles, decided not to work for most of the race.

Plan B Start at the Manasota bridge where I bailed out last year.

Sunset on Wiggins Pass beach (lots of stinky dead fish here as well unfortunately)

Sunset heading out into the 10,000 Islands, just past Goodland

Heading for Panther Key - a group of Tribers was camped there so I got a nice welcome.

Checkpoint 2 - Chokoloskee!

Low tide launch from Rabbit Key

Prescribed burn in the Everglades:

Launching from Graveyard. We ended up with 7 boats/boards and 9 people camped that night. The bugs were insane.

Buttonwood canal entering Flamingo/Checkpoint 3

This was nice while it lasted - Florida Bay

Starting the last 12 mile stretch from Crocodile Dragover to the finish:


Quite a feat and campfire storys for a lifetime. I’ve experienced all of the challenges but never in one trip.
You go girl!

Very Impressive! Congratulations!

Your spot worked enough that we could see you were making progress. Tremendous accomplishment seems like an inadequate description.

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Outstanding job Brodie! Super impressive finish.