Everglades kayak camping trip report

I’ve also been carrying this little silicone fan that I can plug into my battery banks when it’s really hot and still out.
Of course it’s a “dry heat” :laughing: out here, but I do plan to pack it to FL w/ me.
In the hammocks I can put it in my ridgeline organizer and it hangs horizontal above me. Bet there is an easy way to do that in a tent as well.


Get a better pad. Let some air out of it so you stay put.

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If you have the space ;on the boat, try sleeping on the pads at home. Play with inflation levels and comfort prior to the next outing.

As far as organization goes, maybe look at some of Scott Bastes videos. He SUPs the event, but some of his gear stratagies should apply to kayaks as well.

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Thank you,
I lurk here a lot


Thanks @Medawgone - I’ll check those out when I’m not at work :wink:

It is somewhat annoying that I don’t have anywhere to set up the tent at “home”. I don’t even really have room to sleep on the floor as it is narrower than the narrow sleeping pads, and walled in on both sides, so not really an accurate representation. The dock is too narrow for the tent (it would fit, but you couldn’t get in or out of the tent, you’d be in the water!), plus it is pretty rough concrete.

I’m planning to do a couple of overnights on Shell Key once I get a new sleeping pad, it’s a primitive beach camping site that I can paddle to from the marina - about 13 miles one way.

I’m glad there is still someone around older than me!

Brodie it takes a little experimenting to find out what your personal mosquito deterrent repellent chemistry is. In the Everglades DEET for me is useless though at home in Maine it works just fine.

I have the best luck with Natrapel. It seems to repel those sandflies which are a particularly noxious Everglades insect that seems not to be as angry elsewhere.


Great report. It’s really tough to paddle when you’re exhausted from no sleep. Heck, as a northerner I think it’s really tough to paddle in heat and humidity!

Hope you get the sleeping pad issue resolved well before the EC.

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I have rarely if ever come home early from a trip.
We slept on the ground for decades until ensolite.
I can sleep anywhere.
Figure out your pad or pads.

A good friend paddled from S to N in the Glades with 15-20 mph headwinds once which were tortuous paddling but great as bug deterrent! For sleeping, I second the suggestion for cot. I’m going to get one for sure.

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Thanks so much for your report and pix! Don’t think I’m brave enough for humidity and mosquito challenge myself, but I’ve got two friends who go every year!

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Jack, great to see you still on here. Hope you are well ole friend.