explorer vs. nordlow

Wife vs Girlfriend!
What a perfect analogy! I never owned a 'Nordlow, but have had enough opportunity to paddle one to have formed some definite opinions. If one ever becomes reasonably available, I will grab it. The kayak, that is! I think the wife would put up with yet another kayak.

I would like
to test out a Xcite and an Alaw… I’ve read mixed reviews but seem like they would be good play boats in the surf…

The Nordkapp LV is very sexy and…
Keep your Explorer and acquire a Nordlow. I love my Nordlow. It is a sexy, fast, responsive boat. However, there has been twice on my current Maine Coastal sojourn when I wished I was in my Romany or Aquanaut.

The first was in beam seas and wind making a demanding crossing. I found I was bracing more than I would have been in either of my other boats. One brace in particular was very deep… The second was yesterday paddling tired and hitting some squirrely seas. The Nordlow took a lot more of my attention than would the 'naut or Romany.

As Flatpick notes you have to be ‘on top of your game’ to paddle the Nordlow. If I’m not, I am grateful for my Romany and Aquanaut :wink:

I’m keeping my Nordlow, but am not a good/confident enough paddler to have it as my only boat.

Nordlow as an only boat…
I got down to one boat, a Nordlow. I loved it for what it was but there came a point that I wanted to relax and look around at times (getting old and harder to be on my game constantly). I sold it and bought my old Bou back, (thanks Capt). Now I’m very happy with the Bou as an only boat…

Agree on the girl friend
That really is a great analogy. I love my Nordlow. In women, stability is more important to me than excitement. For day trip kayaking, fun and excitement is more important, as long as the stability is reasonable, which the Nordlow is.

I think that the Nordlow is a fine boat for just about any conditions. But it is not a boat that you can just relax and cruise in. It is easy to brace, but you will be doing some bracing. It is just so responsive compared to anything I have been in.

For me, it has been s SUPER boat for developing my skills. I don’t see it at all as an expert’s only boat. But you have to be focused on what you are doing. If you want to focus on the scenery and socializing, a different boat could be better. But for the joy of paddling - it is tough to beat.