Fading Memory

If only I could find my glasses I’d be better able to respond. : )


Yeah, I lose track of my reading glasses too.

Also sun glasses, cell phone, keys to vehicles(6), and my checkbook on occasion. I know the reason. I have a tendency to procrastinate when I have to go to some type of appointment; vehicle servicing, doctors, dentist, club meetings, bike shop, mower shop, etc. When I get in a hurry I leave a trail of “stuff” in my wake. Later I’m asking myself, “Where is that”?

I find that if I slow down some, and prepare to leave home early, I don’t forget as much of my “stuff”.

As far as memory goes; mine is generally good for an old dude. Lately I am using a new tactic. I prioritize information. Information about something I want to remember usually sticks in my mind. Useless information is now trashed & deleted. I try to be ruthless; “That’s information I don’t need/want to know”!, “I don’t want to hear about it”!


P.S. A major pain for me is to not be able to find a CD, or DVD I’m seeking.

There’s a country song about this…

" I’m much too young to be this damn old."

BOB, don’t start talkin’ about finding a certain CD/DVD…an issue for me as well.

@Overstreet said:
There’s a country song about this…

Well I can’t remember that country song. But this will do…

Bah, its all hogwash. We’ve never had good memories. We forgot and misplaced stuff when we were young too. With the passage of time we’ve just forgotten how bad they were. And its just as well… What good could come of having total recall of every instance of forgetfulness over a lifetime? However forgetful we are or aren’t, we need to proceed with some degree of self-confidence in order to do the best we can with whatever memory we’ve got.

I’m now thinking the time to worry is when you see a commercial for a memory-enhancing dietary supplement which advertises that its active ingredient was originally found in jellyfish. (Yes, there is such a product and it is so advertised.) Now, if you believe there are scientists scouring the seas looking for brain boosting chemicals in creatures that have no brains at all, you have a very serious gullibility problem. If you don’t remember that jellyfish lack a brain even when reminded with a photo in the commercial, well, you’re certainly a member of the advertiser’s target audience. Good luck to you.

not all hogwash for me, maybe its not an easy fix in a pill but just like my vision and knees, my recall doesn’t work as well, on a decline for sure. I go to the put in now ,and see lots of faces I recognize but can’t put a name with many. It didn’t used to be that way. I even made a boating log a few years back just so I wouldn’t forget the places where I had visited. Kind of scary since I’m only 55. Father had memory problems as well- very slow decline for him.

This makes me feel that I’m not in this alone.

Names. What was that guy’s name? It might come to me in a few days. Weeks.

Yeah tdaniel, its true its not ALL hogwash. My tongue was partially in cheek there… My right hip is getting seriously arthritic, as are my fingers, I use reading glasses now, there is some tinnitus - age takes a toll on us all. And, like you, there were instances where my father (and especially my grandfather) suffered memory lapses. I’m just not prepared to accept that as pre-ordained for me.
But as far as name recollection goes, well, I’ve always had trouble remembering names, especially if it was of people I met in a group, spent a day with, and didn’t see again for a year or so. That’s why I said what I did. I don’t really know if I’m slipping much in that regard or not. Logically it seems kind of silly, though absolutely human, to try to be objective or quantitative about a lack of something, particularly something as fundamentally subjective as memory. I have my doubts that anyone can be objective in that regard though we are, of course, more likely to remember more recent lapses than long-past ones. That would make it seem like we’re getting worse, whether we are or not.

I worked retail for five years back when I was much younger. It used to drive me nuts when I couldn’t remember customer’s names. It happened a lot. I’d recall the last thing they bought, what they bought it for, when they bought it, what part of town they lived in, their kids sports involvement - everything but their darned names. I tried all sorts of mnemonic devices and still only improved my recall slightly when it came to names. I could do much better with ordered lists of items, music, directions, prices. Its odd but I do a pretty good job of remembering rivers - what’s around the next bend - even in places I’ve paddled rarely. We’re all unique yet in the same boat.

The thing that bugs me most is that I can see the thing in my mind and can’t remember it’s name.
Consequently, a lot of items are called things.

Dr. Seus had the same problem.

Chris Hayes, too.