Family of 4 are looking for a canoe

Diving from a canoe or kayak

is desperation diving.

I’m not saying that it can’t be done and it is better than not diving…but it isn’t practical.

I’ve been diving for 44 years, have used every thing imaginable including aircraft carriers and helocopters but never a canoe or kayak and would only do so as a last resort. Neither are good dive boats and any good diver will agree.

don’t get depressed
Don’t let liveoutside discourage you. He’s right, of course, as right as when your older brother told you there was no Santa Claus.

On the other hand, consider the equipment costs to begin in any other recreational sport. A cheap power boat would set you back 10-times what paddling will.

And how about golf clubs and greens fees for four? Skis and ski clothes for four? Four mountain bikes? And have you ever priced a simple backpack?

You name it, and you’ll be paying more especially when you consider that with paddling there’s no lift tickets or club memberships to buy in addition after the initial outlay for equipment.

Swerus, I know this is so confusing, but everyone has given you some great ideas. Since your 16yo is wanting to get into paddling, pleas hurry and do it. U will not make a mistake.

What can we do to seal a deal for you today?

If he were to use it for scuba diving
the Wilderness System Ride would be a better choice

budget? weight?
Clarions suggestion is the best but it can get pricey. Assuming the two grownups outweigh the kids by at least 100lbs I’d look for two canoes where one is the dedicated hauler and the other can be a solo/tandem for light people.

This would be a fun shopping for used boats. I’d be temped to pick one retail boat for the hauler and look for the good deal smaller used tandem, maybe a Malecite or Solo plus.

Not that fast
I wasn’t saying you need to do it right this minute. U do need time to make this best decision you can. I meant to say that if your 16yo is interested in the boats now, now would be a good time to buy before she gets disinterested. I have a 16yo granddaugher who lives right beside us.

About a Solo Plus
I have one, and I love mine. A lot of people keep promoting them in this thread. There is one draw back to that boat, the front seat. There are a handful of boats that are basically the same measurements as a Solo Plus and may have a better placed, or adjustable, front seat.

If you could demo one (which is a hard task I know) you could see if you like it or not. I only say this because I don’t know your kids build. SOme people ride in my bow and don’t complain, but they know it is only a short time and they can just tolerate it so that they are on the water. Others let me know right away about away.

I moved mine back just a few inches, and that was enough.

I just wanted to let you know. I love mine and promote it all the time, but Teenagers can be fickle.


We use two canoes
to get our family of four out on the water. This has worked well to get us out there, but its hard to get teens enthused about canoeing. Younger kids have fun doing just about anything outdoors. Teens have more fun if there are other teens involved.

Good Luck!