Fast skegged / British Style Boat???????

Fast skegged boats
Yo! I’ve owned a C.D Caribu and now paddle a C.D. Andromeda. My seat of the pants feel would put the Bu slightly over the Andromeda. BUT… If you want to fly check out a Kajak Sport 19’ Vivianne. That bad boy flat out flies! I paddle with a bud who only paddles marathon style flat water racers and he can walk away from me in either C.D. boat but he has to kick it hard to SLOWLY pull away, if at all, when I’m in my Vivianne. It tracks like stink, will edge turn, albeit slowly, and handle a load and BIG water with ease. My only complaint is that the seat can actually pinch grab my shorts (it pivots) making an exit awkward and potentially scary in a wet exit. I also think the seam tape could be somewhat beefier. Mine split but is easily repairable. Damn nice and FAST boat overall though!

Andromeda and Gulfstream
Four of us decided to reverse and paddle back on Lake Clementine. Derek Hutchinson, in his Gulfstream, increased his speed and we struggled to keep up glancing at each other with confused looks, meanwhile maintaining the conversation. We were clocking 5.5 on a GPS. The Andromeda, sleeker with more storage space, is faster than the Gulfstream and they both track exquisitely.

The hull of the Andromeda Derek used for his North Sea Crossing as well as the Aleutian Expedition.

Motor not the vehicle
Derek Hutchinson’s speed in a Gulfstream is a testament to his skill and experience as a paddler, not the inherent ‘speed’ or fastness of the boat.

At 5 and 6 knots both the Gulfstream and Anromeda produce more drag than the Sultan, Legend, Aquanaut, Ellesmere, and Vivianne.

Greenlander Pro / Race
I’ve had a GP out in the kind of conditions it was designed for and I have to tell you I found a bit more spirited than I was ready for. Fast (?), oh god yes. A bit faster than you may like in steep waves.

I cannot imagine what it must take to drive the Greenlander Race to it’s limits. Of course neither of these fit the original posters definition of a brit-style (soft chined) hull.

Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with my Explorer for heavy work and dream of the day I can dance with my GP.


Sea Kayaker agrees
Tests on the drag of the Andromeda show that despite it being quite narrow the amount of boat in the water is at most 14.5 feet, less with not loaded and lighter paddler. This accounts for its very low hull speed. J. is correct. As a pevious owner of the Andromeda, I feel it is a nice boat in many respects, but for it to shine it needs a non tall paddler or way too touchy to be of use, and to be loaded with gear increasing its waterline for more speed. That is more what Derek designed it for at the time. Personally, the design is outdated as it neither is as manueverable, fast, or stabile enough in the mix of things as newer designs. Time marches on here imo.