Fast SOT? Oxymoron?

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fast is fast
When my wife PEddles her Hobie Mirage Outback, She passes up everybody. The new one has got to be faster then hers, it is longer, and skinnier, plus it has a new and improved peddle system. Just a thought.

fast sit a tops…
For what it is worth; I own a “fleet” of sit a tops…here’s what I have to name a few;

Ocean Kayak Sprinter

Swift Hybrid PaddleYak(South African Hybrid)

2 Scupper Pro Tw’s, one with rudder

Cobra Eliminator

Cobra Expedition

Hobie Outback

21 ft Elan Cross Trainer Surf Ski

Islander “something” 14 ft; I would have to go out and look…2 other Islanders and a couple of Mainstreams( first kayaks)

The absolute best all around: the Swift Hybrid Paddle Yak…this one can keep up with any of the sit- ins in the club…awesome kayak! I was very weak and recupperating from who knows what and went on a 15 mile club paddle; this was a piece of cake…excellent stability and FAST!

2nd in terms of speed; the Ocean Kayak Sprinter or the Eliminator…your wife does not need the weight of the Expedition…I don’t either; Eliminator needs to be “eliminated” from my fleet!

Best everyday, not looking for speed;…the Scupper Pro is great…I use it and leave it at my place in the keys…I did the Bogey and Bacall with it last year…but not recors breaking speed for sure!

I use my Hobie for fishing the kayak tournaments…a nice machine but I wouldnot want to try to keep up with “serious” kayaks with it.

I use the Surfski to keep me humble; really fast but if I breathe wrong I am in the water…one of these days…

I have tried the Krysna and none of the ones I have mentioned above are as tippy(not even my surf ski)…would not recommend for an "everyday’ kayak.

Have not tried the Skua,have tried the Seda Revenge: would buy only with a rudder.

Okay…hope that helps a little


Thanks, thanks, and thanks!
Thank you for the great info, now I feel like maybe I know just a wee bit about SOTs. I agree with the statements that the paddler is the larger factor in the equation than the boat. As I mentioned, the wife is primarily a fair-weather paddler, and as such is not as stong of a paddler as I am. However, she’s pretty quick in her Avocet. If I were paddling her Dolphin and she paddled her Avocet, I could keep up but not exactly leave her in my wake. Additionally, when she paddles her Avocet and I paddle my Chatham 17 (or vise-versa) I find myself relaxing and occasionaly not paddling to let her keep pace. This is not a criticism, simpy a result of my more frequent paddling.

I understand that nothing short of a Surf ski will enable her to keep up consistently, but she would simply like to close the gap a little so I don’t totally leave her when paddling recreationally.

I would like to clarify that this search is driven by her. I don’t intentionally leave her behind. I don’t give her a hard time about keeping up. I don’t get huffy if she is slow. I don’t mind waiting for her (after all, I did that for years before we were married. Nope, don’t mind a bit!) She would just like to find a SOT that is a bit quicker.

Thanks all!

Do you have any links for the
Swift Hybrid PaddleYak(South African Hybrid)?

I couldn’t find it on the Swift web site.

Swift hybrid PaddleYak link
This is the gallery page with images and info.

Technical specs

Length Width Weight Capacity Material

5,25 m 59 cm 21-24 kg 130 kg Fibreglass

Price: R 6500 excl. VAT