Fast WW boat

I’m looking for a fast WW boat. Plastic, 9’ or less that can handle class IV rapids. To be used in a Downriver Race in Ogden Utah on Sept 23. For more info go to click events.

I’ve looked at 7 boats on paper that are 9 feet or less and 23-24” wide.

They are:

Dagger RPM

Eskimo Kendo

Eskimo Speedo

Perception Whip-it

Perception Whiplash

Prijon Performance

Wave Sport Kinetic

I may actually be preparing for next years race and use what I have this year.

I want to here kind thoughts and opinions of the group about boats and paddles



Been around one of those Eskimo
options and they surf well and catch a surf wave well and seem “fast” enough but i don’t think of them in that way. I consider one of them anyways to be a river runner and I would think would be okay in Class IV. The only other one i know to some minor degree is the RPM and with its length i am thinking yea, fast with lots of volume to get it down any big drops you might be experience. More of a “creeker” style than the Eskimo boats you use.

I’ve got a Whip-It set up for C1. Get’s pretty squirrley in fast current. It’s faster than my Foreplay but not by any huge factor.

Why those boats?
I would think a creek boat would be a better choice. For example, the Dragorossi Critical Mass would blow those boats away as would other legitimate creek boats. They would be a lot safer to boot.

I concur with Dr Disco…
In my initial reply i tried to answer your question as it pertains to your selection of boats, but if push came to shove I would think of some different boats ie Mamba, Diesel and some others.

Jackson Hero?
It’s anything but a play boat, river runner, but I am told by those who know WW that it’s been cleaning up as far as speed in races. As far as I know it’s supposed to handle up to Class IV, but you should check that out. It’s in the same group as the Dagger Mamba, also a river-runner.

I am open to whatever works best

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Go ahead pushing and shoving. I want the fastest boat to get the job done.
I am 5'9" 178 lbs.
Does WaveSport make the Diesel?

Speedo or RPM
I have a Speedo and have owned an RPM. The Speedo is fast for a ww boat and has the edges to make the cuts. The outfitting leaves something to be desired, so be prepared to remodel.

My opinion would be to avoid a creek boat for racing, unless there’s a number of high drops. Creekers are rockered and wide. That makes them slow with no tracking. Not a race winner.

Prijon Athlete? (NM)

Prijon Athlete=Too long @ 10’2"
May be a fast boat but exceeds the 9 foot length limit for the race.

yes, wavesport makes the Diesel… Quite
a popular boat according to Boatertalk.

Dagger Piedra
Dagger Piedra is one of the faster sub 9 foot boats - an inch narrower than the RPM, slightly more stern volume. Can get them cheap on the used market.

Piedra is 9’6"