Favorite canoe camping rivers, Midwest

Wisconsin it is!
Level seem damn near perfect, and getting more rain tonight.

We plan to hit 9 mile to Beaver Dam. Wanted to hit the South Fork, but the two rapids I saw on youtube seemed a bit much for a fully loaded tandem with a 75 pound Lab on top.

We have 3.5 days to get the 40 miles done. We plan to have 9 Mile Tavern to run shuttle on Friday afternoon. From what I have found there is not a designated place to camp near the 9 Mile Creek Landing (on the river). In an ideal world I would have shuttle set and float a few miles on Friday evening and then camp along the river. Is there a spot or do I just need to bushwhack? Any favorite spots, I have my eye on the confluence of the North and South Forks.

Thanks again,