Featherlite 12'?

Hi everyone

I’m very new to the sport and was using a borrowed kayak… until he took it back :slight_smile: I’m looking for a decently priced, sturdy model, nothing too fancy, but good for southern Maryland rivers/Chesapeake Bay in mild conditions.

I saw an ad on Craigslist for a Featherlite 12 for what seems to be a good price, but I’m wondering if I should keep shopping around. I don’t want to pay too much (500$ is probably my max), but I want to make a good investment.

Can anyone recommend a good model? I’m hoping for a touring kayak around 12-14 feet.



used kayaks,
Are a hit or miss thing, it’s hard to know when a steal of a deal comes along if you don’t know the value.

I don’t know anything about the Featherlite, but check out their website, look for ‘product reviews’ on this site, watch e-bay, watch the classifieds here, watch craiglist.

Everytime something comes along in your price and size range, hit the net and learn about it.

After a few months, you will begin to get an idea of what is what.

You will formulate a veiw of the used boat market, and find out features that you may or may not like.

Then you will be in better shape to find the bargin.

Also, it seems the pricing is less during the off season on seasonal sporting goods.

Or, just buy the thing and paddle. Any boat is better than none, and you can get the education and researching done while enjoying the outdoors, and move up the ladder later on. It’s what a lot of us have done.

Best Luck,


Heritage FL 12
Has a real flat bottom which is great on shallow and rocky rivers. I used one for two years of paddling and fishing delights on local rivers until it was stolen. Could stand up in that boat and liked how easily it turned on the river. Not for big lakes with lots of wind and waves though so I give it A+ for rivers-small lakes and wetlands and a C for big lakes.

Anything much above $300 would be more
than I’d pay for a Featherlite. Its a good, not great kayak.