First day in my new kayak

Today was my first day out in my new light lime Tsunami 135. The kayak is great BUT and this is a big one, the husband and I stopped to eat lunch and went swimming. While we were swimming, I noticed that my wedding band was gone - platinum - and I’m pretty stressed over that.

So, we tried to find it but the bottom of the lake is pretty sandy and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts about finding it. We know the general area - probably within a 25 x 25 space. Would it be worth trying to find a metal detector to rent to try to find it? If so, does anyone have any thoughts on where to even find one for rent? I guess an underwater one would be necessary.

Other than that, it was a beautiful day on the lake and the kayak is wonderful.

The water gods
demand tribute, sorry about losing your ring. And welcome to the club. They also know what time it is by my watch.

But other that that one little thing, is sounds as if you had a good day, it gets better.

Sorry about the ring…
Glad to hear you had a good time…except for the ring…you could try renting a detector(waterproof of course), but finding it might be a challege if you’ve never used one…I belong to a Metal Detecting forum… I don’t know where you are, but there are 1000’s of members all around the country…they have found and returned many rings for owners, free of charge…if you’d like, shoot me an email and I’ll try to connect you with someone near you who might be able to help…

I learned to scube dive to find a $400.00 pair of glasses.

Never found the damned glasses but I learned to scuba dive…

I scrounged the equipment from a dive shop with some pointers. It was kind of fun.

Underwater metal detectors
are usually not found for rent. Most tool rental places rent metal detectors for property stakes, etc. A ring underwater would be a tough job for a first time user even if you did find an underwater machine to borrow. If its very shallow water, you might be able to search with a regular VLF land machine - the searchcoils themselves are waterproof and can be submerged, although most are foam-filled and buoyant. There are ways to do it with special resin-filled coils - but not easy for first timers. And the electronic box at the top of the unit is not waterproof. Try to find a local treasure hunting club, offer a reward, etc. There are some real pros around. Hope you find it.

My uncle lost a wedding band while raking hard clams (ok, MA people - quohogs) in MA and found the ring many years later when clamming in the same place - stuck to a tine of his clamming rake.

another option if lake is drawn down
Some lakes get scheduled drawdowns for a variety of reasons, from dam repairs to algae control, to fish management. If this lake is controlled by some authority, you may inquire if there is any drawdown scheduled. Then, the area that’s underwater now might be dry beach and it would be easier to search with a metal detector.

If that is not an option and if the area is really as small as 25x25, you could try rigging a basket with mesh size that would retain your ring (1/2"?) to a rake and raking the whole area.

Sign of things to come?
Losing your wedding ring and posting on P’Net usually foreshadows major life changing events. Guess you will be off to the 2009 Raystown. event.

Patuxent is correct.
For a first time user of a metal detector, finding a ring is hard. A detecting club would be your best bet. The only other way would be some kind of sifter and a lot of luck and time. Sorry about the ring :frowning: But the Hubby’s been wanting to get you another one because he loves you so much, wink! wink! :slight_smile: Sounds like you still had a good time tho. Good luck.

It was a life changing day
After all when we got home, our chickens, first time chicken people this year as well, had laid 17 eggs - probably not all in one day but that’s when we found them so it’s fresh eggs at my house from now on. I guess it evens out in the end.

I lost it in Lake Monticello and they draw water down daily. When we were there in the morning, the water was 5 feet higher or so than it was by the time we left. Where we had been swimming was then mid calf deep and the shore was much wider. My husband does scuba but the bottom was just pretty sandy and I’m sure it’s buried a little. I’m exploring all options now - and I guess that should include the shopping option.

Kayaks are waaay more expensive than I thought!

My heart goes out to you for your ring…
loss, since I know how heart broken my wife was one time when she lost hers, but I am sure your husband will get you a equal or better replacement, (I know, I know - it is irreplaceable) - Just look at it that the love that goes with that ring has not been lost.

Now with all that BS out of the way, here are some thoughts;

If it is only in a small area and you didn’t disturb the sandy bottom, and it is not a popular swimming place why not go back there on a very sunny day or days with a face mask and fins, set up a grid of the area and dive back and forth trying to cover the entire area. It is a long shot, but something that shiny should really glint on the bottom.

True story: many moons ago I was on a small pond and dropped a stearling silver ball point pen out of a canoe. -Naturally I gave it up for lost.

A year later, I had forgotton all about the pen and was snaorkling in the same area. I saw a glint, and dove down to see what it was, and sure enough it was the pen.

Good luck, and you have my sympathy


I lost my first wedding ring after spending a day in the yard planting bushes. Lots of bushes. I rented a metal detector but didn’t find the ring, so I dug up every single bush trying to find it with no luck.

My wife bought me another ring, which lasted about 10 years, but I lost that one last summer while bike commuting. Never figured out what happened to that ring, and I don’t plan to replace it. I’m bad with rings because my fingers tend to shrink and swell a lot, so they easily slide off. I lost another nice ring at a car wash the same way.

wedding rings+insurance
I’ve had two experiences with wedding rings on my clients–both last year-the first was a couple that had been married less than a year—they came to do a day paddle with no clothing suitable for paddling—the lady borrowed a pair of shorts from the outfitters and put her diamond cluster wedding ring in the pocket—after we finished the paddle, I was putting away the gear when she approached me and said that she had lost her ring through a hole in the pocket—we rushed down the the loading unloading area and started looking— luckily both the engagement and the wedding band were very very shiny and I was able to spot them immeadiatly—husband gave me a very generous tip.

Second was much shorter—I was guiding a doctor and his wife on an overnight B&B trip—I noticed the wife had a diamond large enough to choke a horse. I told her the story related above, she just chuckled and said not to worry she had it covered by insurance.

If you have homeowners coverage you might check with your agent to see if the insurance company will reimburse you for the ring.

Depending on how pure it is
I believe there can be traces of magnetic particles in the platinum . Maybe call the store where you purchased it and ask them , before you try.


Use a magnet to look for it.
“The precious metals are also not magnetic,

but they are soft and could not be fashioned into a ring unless other metals

are used. Clearly your platinum ring has had ferrous material added to it.

Ask the vendor, if the ring is platinum coated and/or which metals were used

in making the ring.”

Dr. Harold Myron

ask for help by a local metal detecting
club .most people in a club be happy to help you fine it. most of the fun of metal detecting is finding things. if water level lower should be easly to fine. good luck

We have special riders…
… for my wife’s jewelery. Supposedly if she looses anything that’s covered, we’ll get reimbursed for replacement costs.

A friend’s hubby lost his ring while jet skiing on their honeymoon - she says it’s been replaced by insurance.

Check inside the kayak…
…You never know. It could be in there.

Good luck.

After all else fails,…
Buy or build something to sift the sand, like the Florida snow shovels that are used to find sharks teeth near Venice Beach. Use 1/4 or 3/8 inch screen and it shouldn’t take but a few minutes. Good Luck!

Well, It has been almost a month and I hadn’t found anyone with a metal detector to look for my ring so the husband went online and found one for $160 from somewhere. It came today and we went to the lake this evening while the water was low. He went ahead of me and my niece and when we got to the “losing spot”, I pulled up and asked where the stick was that we used to mark the spot. He pointed it out to me and I looked around and then I held my paddle over a spot that was about a foot to the left of my boat and about 6 inches into the water and said “It’s right here - try it here”. He did and IT WAS!!! It was right where I pointed. It took approximately 30 seconds to find it!!

We are all absolutely astounded that it was right there under about 4-5 inches of sand/silt. The paddle gods must feel that I have done something right to deserve that kind of luck.

Thanks for all of your good thoughts and suggestions. For now, I’m wearing it on my middle finger instead of my ring finger where it is a much snugger fit.