first farmer john wetsuit

so I am not flashing the tourists when removing suit …and seeing me is a speedo makes them turn away… LOL Regular boxer type trunks bunch up under the wet suit…

What’s crazy about it?
Perhaps you won’t die if you fall in, but it’s still damned uncomfortable and inconvenient to get soaked by 50 degree water.

What’s not uncomfortable about wearing a full drysuit in 75 degree weather? Talk about sweating. If you got wet you could just lay out in the sun and you would be warm in a second. Sometimes I think people just like to buy gear.

I wore
I wore boxer style swim trunks when I tested out my wetsuit and you are correct on the bunching up. The bad part was the water was only in the mid 30’s and when t he water can into the suit and sat inside the pocket that was created O MY GOODNESS IT WAS COLD I thought my pee pee was going to fall off.

Jason S.

Have you ever tried it?
I have and it’s actually quite comfortable, as long as you have cool water to use to cool yourself off periodically.

BTW, those of use who paddle year round in the north need drysuits. I’m not advocating that anyone go out and purchase one just for paddling in shallow, narrow streams, but if you already have one, why not use it?