First Winter Surf in Time of COVID

Yes, that is definitely a work of art! I have always kept the graphics and colors to a minimal for my skis because I know that I am going to ding 'em on rocky homebreak. I would feel bad having that happen to a piece of art.


Helps to have a fishfinder – not so much to see fish but to locate bottom features that will attract fish. A low tech way to scout for stripers is to troll with a tube and worm. Go in a grid pattern and trolling speed should between 1-2 MPH. Anything over 2 MPH, the tube will likely plane up away from the bottom where the stripers are likely hanging. (Times when stripers are off the bottom, they are drawn to schools of pogies or other baitfish. On these occaisons, you will know/see that the stripers are in the upper water column. The baitfish will be jumping out of the water to get away from blitzing stripers.) Seen big stripers connected out in front of the Black Creek mouth outlet area with the tube and worm set up. Once folks get stripers with tube and worm, some will then start casting other lures, swim baits, plastics and/or jigs.


I feel like a fish finder is almost cheating, but I’ll look into them. I also need to learn how to snag and live line bait fish.
I’ve played around with the tube and worm but probably need to add a little weight, have not been productive with them.
I can do okay with bucktails, swimbaits, kastmasters, and Yozuri Mag Darters, but have yet to catch a slot sized fish. I’ve enjoyed the time fishing has given me to get outside, and reading the water meshes nicely with sea kayaking.
I’ve heard folks have pretty good luck fishing the incoming tide at Black’s creek as well. I caught a nice schoolie on Quincy Shore Drive almost in front of the CVS. There’s a lot of fish around, I just need to start finding some bigger ones.
I’ve had good luck with the channel between Long Island and Rainsford, also on the outgoing tide. Got some monster bluefish there, and also lots of schoolies. I’ll have to start digging a little deeper for the black sea bass and give the other side a try.
I was a little hesitant this year about getting out to different spots or any late night outings. You probably heard the crazy amount of fireworks, and kids were always partying at my favorite spot. Hopefully things are a bit more “normal” next summer.:crossed_fingers:
Looking forward to spring and glad we’ve passed the winter solstice. Gets a little lighter each day from here on out.

The maker went above and beyond what I expected. I had thought it would be nice to show some of the native tide pool life of that area, thinking he would put stylized and fairly simple “graphic-y” images on it. I was blown away when he showed me what HE envisioned. There is so much detail, which the pic only hints at.

Interestingly, the kind of starfish, errr, starring in the painting were going through a period of mysterious disease or some other phenomenon that made them scarce, as well as unhealthy. This was happening during the time the painting was done–he said he was shocked to find that the normally abundant creatures were hard to find. So I guess in the process of making this piece, we both learned something new and awful. (Later on, the animals supposedly began rebounding.)

I was indeed worried about damaging the work. When I knew I was not going to use the wave ski anymore, I actually thought, “At least the illustration will be kept intact.”

I surfed here in Scotland during the 70’s and 80’s until ITU nursing took over completely. Winter was the only time we had decent waves and was always a hoot when people would come onto the beach and see me and my mates out in the bays on surf boards.

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