Fish cleaning and fist waste

Ok, so I am putting my self over here for a beating yet thought I would check what other fishers think.

I was cleaning my fish on the end of the week, back at the incline and diverting the fish stays from the back of the boat out into the tide. Had a person in a vessel by me say " I would not do that". Said back, not very impolitely, “That is the place they originated from” and continued doing what I was doing. Chitchat returned and forward and he left muttering something about I am I’m going to call me one.

Two or after three minutes the harbor master descended and instructed me to get the fish frames out of the water. Had somewhat of a discussion with the harbor master about what the best choice was to do with the frames, His suggestion was to clean the fish adrift and toss the casings over yonder, I advised him that, while I concurred that was the best arrangement that sadly it was unlawful under the fisheries demonstration. He at that point recommended I put the casings in the container over the incline.

I’m still not persuaded that setting the frames in the bin to decay until the professional cleaners collect it, is a superior choice than into the tide where fish, feathered creatures and tide will do what they do and all will frame some portion of the regular chain.
Let me know what your thoughts are

I was night paddling Mission Bay when we passed the fish-cleaning station IN the bay NEXT to the marina NEAR the swimming beach.
Seals & gulls were all over the place eating the guts but I wonder how many sharks are attracted to that ‘chum’, sharks that would normally avoid the Bay and the beach.

Perhaps that is what the rules were made to avoid?

I would avoid doing it at a ramp, launch area, near a dock, or any place where the scraps may be visible to people prior to them being eaten/decomposing. Many marinas/bays/rivers may have rules regarding this, so also know what may be required for your local area.

And if you fish the area a lot, I would also spread them out (not drop in the same place every time) to avoid predators/scavengers from congregating waiting for your free meal.

Perhaps also the rule is to prevent fish guts from washing ashore to rot and spread disease and stink.