Fishing for flounder.

How did I like it?
It was fun, but I can see how it would be improved with rod holders and somewhere to put the fish. When my fish hit, I had the reel under the floor bungees. Good thing or my rod would have been gone.

I think we’re looking for river fish
Trout, salmon, dolly varden, that sort of thing. I’ve fished for lingcod and salmon in the Straight of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific off of a Washington beach. That was fun. I didn’t catch anything but a few tiny lingcods, but I was doing better than the locals. The weather had the fishing shut down, so I went to a RoadRunner ticked off the bottom on long casts and picked up a few. Locals were sticking with their jigs, but the fish weren’t biting standard jigs that day.

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That is what I figured… Though take
my advice if you get the chance… The Chicken Halibut are fun, and you can often get 40"+ Lingcod… Which from a yak, are a blast.

Hope you get on some Kings or Sockeye whiel there… I suspect you are a little early for the Coho, but the pinks and Chums will be this at river mouths…


In the kayak we always try to make things simple. Here in S Jersey there are a lot of expert flounder fishermen who limit out most times they fish. There are also many more who cant catch a single 18 inch keeper. The experts all fish with a bucktail. Most put on a piece of gulp shrimp. Some will add a strip of meat like bluefish,sandshark,bunker,or herring. The flounder are located where they can use the tide to their advantage to feed. That location changes throught the day. Generaly a slope where the tide is dropping down into deeper water is a good place to start but they can be anywhere. Drift and jig on the bottom. If you dont catch after one or two drifts move and try a nother spot till you find em. You need a net to land flounder as they are slippery. In our kayak shop we sell trout nets that have a short handle but a large openeing and a dep net. To keep the meat from spoiling the best ice chest are the zipper beach bag type sold in many grocery stores for taking home your frozen foods. GOOD LUCK!!

We’ll see
The lodge is a well-equipped lodge with about as much luxury as I can imagine. One guide for every two guests, and they have four float planes to take you out to wherever it is you want to go on any particular day, then fly you back in the evening. There’s fishing right at the lodge in case you want to keep fishing while they fix dinner. If we want to fish salt, I’m sure that we’ll be able to go to the salt and fish. In all likelihood, I’m going to just go with the flow, see where the fish are biting, what the weather’s doing, and make the most of that particular week without putting too many expectations on it. I am practicing like a nut with my fly rod though. I’d rather lose a smallie in my home river on a run-of-the-mill trip than lose a king salmon on a once-in-a-lifetime trip because of lack of practice.

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I have never done the full service lodge
experience… I might though in the near future, as my father and uncle are both getting too old to rough it, and may want to make one last trip up there in the next year or so…

Usually a little out of my comfort range price wise, infact alot out of my comfort range… But I may have to bite the bullet and find a way… When they pass on, if I didn’t go, I would have to live with the regret for an awful damn long time…


Out of my price range too
I just happen to be a particularly lucky (and grateful) bastard because I’m not paying for the trip.

The world is filled with things that you can’t afford to do that your father and uncle would like. Don’t beat yourself up too badly.

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I’m not going to… I could afford it,
I am just a cheap bastard…


afford is a relative term

Flounder & Lingcod Lure
Recently, on the Puget Sound, in WA State, my husband caught 4 flounder very quickly. He used a rubber white grub lure w/a red tip, but attributes catching them by using this store bought Smelly Jelly Sardine Juice. This was from his kayak.

He did catch a very big lingcod on the Olympic coast on Yellow Banks from the beach. He just used a jighead white rubber grub for that. Yellow Banks is a 2 mile hike along the Olympic coast after you do a 3 mile hike along the Cape Alava Loop trail onto the beach. It was a camping trip.


Set up and plan on catching Striper. That’s how we caught flounders all day yesterday. No Stripers though…

Im from nyc stick around for the winter flounder!!!