jerlfletcher, at my age, I hope I select a kayak that will suit me the 1st time I buy. That may not be the case, but I am hoping to try as many yaks, that I feel will suit me, that I can before buying. I trust your judgement, but it is my conservative nature, as well as a lot of personal things that are going on right now, that havce kept me from getting out and getting my 1st yak. I really want one now, but I don’t want to get so anxious as to just buy the 1st one I see without trying them. I’m sure all the ones I’ved mentioned are very good yaks, from all the info from experienced people like yourself.

Not a T140
I bought a Tarpon 140 @ 40% off last year after a similar search. I’m about your size and despite it’s weight rating, was VERY disapointed in the boats performance. ( Later research found that most paddlers feel that anything over 185# preffer the 160T). The cockpit was always awash unless I plugged the scuppers and it tended to plow. I sold it off after only two trips and went back in my SINK/ Loon 138 for now.

Nothing wrong with the Loon. It gets
you to the fishing grounds safely, is realtively comfortable, tracks true, and is as stable as any kayak. Oh, its heavy and turns like a pig, but you get used to those things.

New yak
jerlfletcher, I know youi’ll never belive this, but I bought a mango colored WS 135 yesterday. I wanted to tell you 1st because I’ve been such a pain. I still have to build a rack to take it to the water. I may try that today, and if I finish it, I will go fishing this afternoon.

New yak
Fishing didn’t happen. It took me all day to build a rack for it. I hope to give it a try this coming weekend.

Good choice, though a bit wide and

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long for small creeks. No SOT has a better tank well. There's a guy who posts on TKF who puts a 96 qt Iqloo cooler in the tankwell. Now that's a tank well. I paddled one at a demo, liked it a lot. There have been some complaints about water in the seat, but others say it isn't a problem. Maybe its a weight of the paddler issue. Hope you get it to the water soon. Let us know how it goes. BTW, was it that much better than the MR 12?

new yak
jerlfletcher, I’ll let you know how it goes. I hope to go on saturday oif the weather is OK.

That boat ought to keep you happy for awhile! I have a buddy who paddles one. He took it fishing on a lake with a little open water and thought the wind made it drift too much…down in the mouth, thinking he needed a new boat. We talked about a drift sock, but the real clincher was when we paddled a nice stream and he could see how it performed in moving water. Now, he’s sold on his boat again!

Most of the newer models of kayaks
appear to have higher freeboard than the older models. Its almost as there is a blending of canoe and SOT in some models.

new yak
I am hoping my Ride will fit my uses. I had to buy something, and at the time, it seemd to have most of what I wanted. I never got the chance to try the Hurricane Phoenix 130. It was about $150 to $200 higher, but I feel I would have liked that one better, but not in the stability area.

It will do the job and do it well.
In the end, all kayaks are compromises both in design and cost. You did good. If you don’t like it, you should get a good portion of your money back on resale, especially if you sell it to the saltwater crowd.

New yak
jerlfletcher, I am hoping my yak will do everything I would like for it to do. I’m sure it will not be good at everything, but from what I’ve read on it, I feel it will be OK. It has a little bit of rocker to it. I am hoping I’m saying that OK. The bottom is rounded a little fore and aft. I hope that will make it a little more maneuverable that some other 13 1/2 footers. Time will tell.