Flatpick, please elaborate on

The Dagger “Green boat.”

Exactly what were your impressions of the prototype?

How does it differ from similar size “old school” kayaks?

Have you paddled the Prijon “Athlete”? And if so, how does it differ from that?

(You caught my attention with the below statement from another thread. I posted separately so as to not hijack the thread)



“become very difficult to find and buy longer, faster boats >that are not mere echoes of obsolescence”

up till now.

check out the Dagger ‘Green boat’ soon to be in production. I >paddled the prototype and it is waaaay cool.

google is your friend

haven’t paddled the Prijon BUT was weaned on T-Slalom-Canyon-Invader-Tornado and spent plenty of time in Cosicas-Dancers-Piroettes-etc.

IMO- the Green boat brings back that feeling of length, speed, tracking and carve that many new school boats seem to miss. I want one.


Like skirt lengths!


(Maybe, a bit longer than the Green.)

is this along the line of the discontinued “crossover”

not at all
this is a serious ww boat. described by some as a very fast creeker.


Looks pretty cool
Looks pretty cool

Everything old
is new again.


Green River race
It looks sort of like the boats the pros were using at the green river race. I have a friend that has a dagger animas. She’s tried several new school boats and always comes back to her trusty animas.

it is
that’s why it’s called the green boat. and why we only made green prototypes!

The real issues now with building a production boat is tweaking it for the general public. As a ‘race’ boat it was pretty specific…as in FAST and furious. The production model wants to be F/F but saleable, as well.


flat water
Make it flatwater and classII friendly and you have a sale.

It does look really neat.


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The Pyranha Speeder will "do" flatwater-class 2 just fine, if you want to go stright through it. It's essentially a detuned wildwater racing boat.


For comparison:

The "Green boat" looks more like a stretched creeker.

if you really want it to sell
call it the mango boat

and make it mango

Regarding the Prijon Athlete, I was not
able to try one out because I am too big and heavy. But the Athlete is much closer to being a slalom boat than to being a good boat to race on the Green. Slalom boats have outstanding acceleration, but there top speed may not be as good as the Green Boat or similar prototypes (LL has one) used to race on the Green. Obviously, slalom boats will turn much better than the Green racing specials.

People I know who have been able to paddle the Prijon Athlete have said that 200 lbs is the practical upper limit if the paddler wants a slalomey surfing machine rather than a squirt boat.

The Green race is an interesting environment where neither slalom boats nor downriver boats are likely to succeed. That race is leading to some interesting new designs.

or the dancer xt??

I’m to big for the one and never got to try the larger one.

the dagger crossover was neat but to ???rec.boatish.

Just by the photo’s the green is definatly going to be worth another look come spring.

As far as your pirannah? I might as wall use a savannah at 14’?"


waaayyy different
than a Dancer. in fact with the Green boat we were able to incorperate new school thinking on an old school shape.

The Dancer was a low rockered, full displacement, soft chined boat. The Green is more rockered, flat bottomed (semi-planning) and harder chined.



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more like a redesigned, lower volume T Canyon with corsica lines added

first ne WW boat that looked interesting in a long time

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