Float bag question

I was wondering if everyone prefers to transport their kayaks with the float bags already inflated inside of them or do you wait and do that when you get to where you’re going?

traveling with float bags
The air buffeting that bags receive during highway travel can damage them through abrasion and weaken or break the joint between the bag and the filler tube.

For whitewater canoes I usually remove the bags for trips of any length. With kayaks the bags are better protected from wind buffeting. I just try to secure the filler tubes so they are not flapping around and leave the bags in place.

I have seen very few whitewater kayakers remove their bags for travel.


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A cockpit cover will minimize buffeting of the bags inside the boat, if that's the concern. However, I never bother, and the bags inside my SOF seem fine after several years. If I remember, I open the valves a tiny bit so they won't over-pressurize in the sun, but I don't always remember to do it.

float bags
fill them with wine.(beer goes flat)Happy paddling!

WW inflated, sea kayak no
(because they are in a sealed bulkhead in the long boat)

I keep mine fully inflated until taking them off the truck then let enough air out so they sag away from the hull to let everything dry. After some time in the sun I’ll turn the boat over and let the bottom side dry as well. There’s usually some water that runs out from under the seat as well to sponge up.

After several years of use the bags are still as solid as when new.