I have a necky santa cruze kayak!

I am wanting to fit floatation/air bags in case of capsizing at sea!

My questions are:

Has any one out there fitted floation aids to their kayak and if so what type would suit my kayak?

Any advice would be welcome.

Looks like your first step would be to
get a triangular bag to fit in the bow. The back corner ties on the bag might be attached to the front of your footpeg tracks. Route the inlation tube out where you can fill or empty. You don’t want to drive to a 6000’ lake with a bag full of air. (I’ve made that mistake.) It would be nice to have a way to tie the nose of the bag as well, but it isn’t necessary if it is properly attached at the back corners. (I did a similar operation on my Necky Looksha Sport, puting a drain plug at the front end of the boat, to which the front end of the bag could be attached.)

At the rear, the bulkhead and hatch may seal well enough, but if you are still worried and don’t want to fool with a float bag that might get so tight as to blow your bulhead loose, then round up some beach balls or a bunch of those clear plastic packing bubbles and stuff them in.

bouyancy aid
Thank you for your advice!

I have just purchased, off ebay, an airbag for the bow that is large enough to cope. I think the stern should cope withought an airbag, as it is well sealed, although i may still add either balls or bubble wrap as an added bouancy aid,following ur advice!

I filled the cockpit half full with water to test and there was no signs of water leaking into the rear compartment.

Thanks again.

NRS - always check first

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It's 3 letters , easy to remember, NRS


You'll at least get a foundation baseline for price comparisons
from a company that has great, solid made, gear.

Always check the flotation bags before you go out
--sand , debris and regular use may cause pinholes

They will also help prevent gear from shifting
when you are being tossed about on the water.

-Some versions are double layered making a nice dry bag combo