Flooded Creek: What not to do!

Watch and LEARN

– Last Updated: Apr-26-13 4:23 PM EST –

Water is sooooo much more powerful than a puny human.
At 8lbs a gallon moving 3, 4, 5 mph it packs a punch !

Fill a milk jug full of water,
swing it slowly at your friends face,
continue at infinitum, relentlessly.
It's pretty much the same feeling all over the body.

He is damn lucky the water didn't bend him over
and push his face into the water drowning him.

Gosh, I never thought of those things.

Look in the mirror!
Although it’s great to be smug and laugh at the guy, I’m sure more or less every paddler has done things that in retrospect could have gotten them killed.

At least once a year I’m driving in a snowstorm or caught in raugher than expected paddling conditions thinking to myself “maybe this was not such a good idea”. I guess the only difference is we can tell what is stupid ( high risk of death) and what is marginal ( top of comfort zone).

Isn’t there a patron Saint for drunks & fools anyways ???

LOL …good one Bob

Actually, It’s God that Looks After…
…drunks and little children…fools are on their own.