Fluid-Film on canoe/kayak hulls

Well my 6 can prime buy of fluid film arrived so I’m stocked for the next 5 years. I took a couple pictures and then wiped down the hull kind of like the guy was doing in the video to the large boat. I sprits some on and then took a paper towel and rubbed it in. The whole canoe took maybe 5 minutes and it was slightly oily looking as some suggested it would be. I waited about 30 minutes and then took fresh paper towels and wiped the whole thing down kind of buffing out what was left when the propellant had evaporated for the most part. Then I buffed it one last time with paper towels and they hardly picked anything up. So it is nothing like what is under your car when you undercoat. I used it more like how you would do car wax. Then I took a couple more pictures.

The canoe doesn’t feel all oily and smells like wool.

Here are the before and after shots. Now I can see how it holds up and how long until it needs a refresh rub down.

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Wow. That looks amazing.


It is mostly an optical illusion as it doesn’t repair any scratches, but returns an even color to everything. Then there is a degree of sealing going on as it is a wax based product, be it wool wax. It rained yesterday and it was really beaded up.

I’m happy with the results and will keep using it.

Put some woolwax on same as fluid film bit thicker. I know it attracts dirt probably not much concern on a kayak. Shines it up.

Many Boston Whaler guys use coconut oil. I put some on my Solstice shiny I’ll see how that works after a paddle day.

I think the woolwax undercoat is just about the same thing as fluidfilm. Looks to cost about the same also.

Coconut oil we use for a lot of things. It is a great massage oil. It has a super low melting point. Is a solid at room temp and you put it on your hand and it melts from body heat pretty fast. :canoe:

Now that sounds like fun… How come I lived in California and never heard of it…

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Fluid Film and Woolwax same manufactures

Did right side with woolwax. Other parts with coconut oil. See how it holds up tomorrow. Take more pictures tomorrow. Coconut oil on my black plastic truck mirrors looked good.

Many Boston Whaler guys use coconut oil.

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We have 6 months of winter here you find new uses for stuff when you have time on your hands.

Sounds like a good experiment keep us posted. :canoe:

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Well it has been a couple months and both boats have been in the water a good amount and drug over some rocks and up a muddy bank at our normal take out spot. When not being used they have been upside down under a shade tree. The finish doesn’t look like the day I applied the fluid film but it still looks much nicer than the before pictures did.

I’m thinking about washing some of the muddy haze off the hulls and giving them another sprits of the fluid film. :canoe: