Flying with a paddle

Bought Canoe Paddle at Kittery Trading P
They shipped it UPS for less than $5 to my home in Fl. It was delivered the day after I got home. Way less hassle.

Got them home last night safely. Yes, I said them… :slight_smile: Went back to Bean to get a box for the first one and couldn’t resist buying the last one they had. It’s a short one - 210 - but I can’t honestly think of a better backup paddle. Small, light, and cheap. Anyway I had been saving up newspapers all week from the hotel and boxed them up tight.

Did not write “fragile” on the box though - here’s why - the airline doesn’t consider a cardboard box “strong” enough for anything. So if they think the contents are fragile, they will make you sign your bag tag basically disclaiming them from any possible damage. Ran into this a few times flying with computer equipment. Besides… I think baggage handlers are taught that the word ‘fragile’ actually means ‘rush.’

The box made it back to baggage claim before me and despite the small hole in the box, no damage. Woohoo! Thanks for all the replies.

would ship
We would probably ship fedex within the states, but since we are flying to canada, I didn’t want to deal with any customs delays before the race. That is why we bought the ski case for checked baggage.

get a 4 peice
and put it in a suit case, you’ll have to check it anyway

4 Piece v. 2 Piece
The only really decent 4-piece paddles out there are Lendals, but you pay for it in swing weight.

The only really advantage to a 4-piece for a sea kayaker is traveling by air…and since there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to carry even a 4-piece paddle on as carry-on, whats the point? (For WW boaters, there is a real advantage to 4-piece…namely, a spare paddle you can fit in your boat).

If you’re going to have to check your bag anyhow, why not get the 2-piece you want (which will be lighter, and check it? Here’s $20.00 solution to your airport baggage handlers:

BTW, 210 is not short! Most high angle paddles are running 205-215 these days.