foam blocks??????

Does anyone know where I might find foam blocks for my Jeep? I have a Congo Cage and the cross bars are about 2 inches in diameter I think. I only use the foam blocks for local carrying. The blocks I now use, have slots which fit over my wife’s crossbars, but her’s aren’t BIG and round. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks all, and enjoy the Summer!!!

Pool noodles

Rool Bar foam…
I use roll bar foam on my 4runner’s bars. It like really serious pool noodle foam but the hole is cut off center to give you thicker foam on one side. Available at racing / hot rod stores for $4 a stick. Available in black.

Great tip!
Never would have thought of looking there. At $4 a stick, can’t beat that deal. I’ve used pool noodles, but they don’t last long before they have to be replaced.

foam pipe insulation
Works great. Use it on my extend-a-bed that has 2" square rails. That ane a litte duct tape to hold it on. It wears out in about 2 seasons. About $5 per 6 ft.

There’s always
The grey thing!