Foam core kevlar de-lamination

The kevlar on the floor and ribs has delaminated from the foam core, causing the kevlar to wrinkle or lift upwards. If I push on the kevlar I can hear it creak as I push it back down to the foam.

This boat is a 1987 Kevlar Bluehole, and has been broached and repaired in the past.

The other night, I tried soaking a few delaminated areas with Epoxy resin, but the Kevlar still moves. One idea, I had was to use a syringe to get epoxy between the Kevlar and core, or cutting out the delaminated cloth and putting fresh Kevlar down. Any suggestions on securing the Kevlar to the core?



You’ve answered your question already!

that’s a tough one
i’d defer to CEW on this one. he’s a real pro at lay-ups, etc.

It’s time for a new boat. This is the payback for the stiffness/lightness of foam cores.

Twenty years isn’t bad for any hull, much less a foam cored one!

Kevlar Blueholes
The Kevlar Bluehole Kingfishers were laid up by Lincoln in Maine. Design was taken off the Bluehole Royalex MGA/MGB models. Wood trim was done by Merrimack.

Not enough stiffness in the sidewalls, allowing the whole hull to twist, probably contributing to the separation of the core and cloth.

Running it over the rock shelves on the Juniata and little Juniata could have put enough pressure on the core stiffened bottom to flex it.

Follow Eric Nyre’s suggestions and maybe add some more layers across the bottom and up the sides to stiffen up the whole hull.

I’m not sure of the model
I’ll try to post the hull number tomorrow. I was told it is a Starburst or Seeker. The length is 15.5’.

I was thinking the delamination on the floor may be the result of having the gunwales pulled in a few inches on an earlier repair(which brought the boat back to life, but added stress). The floor delam is about the size of a frozen a pizza(between the seat area and under a D-ring), and the delamination of the ribs is about 2" x 6" where the chines cracked, or from previous broaching.

I realize the boat will get heavy as I add resin and fabric, but still plan to keep the boat for slow moving water to light Class 2, and keep the pounding to a minimum.

Thank you to all for advice.