Footwear for dry suit

I want something with full foot coverage and a decent sole for walking and pressure from the foot peg and on the heel where I tend to wear through shoes. I tend to like neoprene booties. I had some NRS Sasquatch booties which I had used forever and patched the heels several times. They had decent traction on snow and ice but the sole at the ball of the foot was breaking down and foot pegs were causing pain. Now I have the paddle wetshoe (I think). I haven’t used it that much yet. Just a two week trip and some day paddling and we didn’t have normal ice this past winter on Lake Superior, but it removed the pain at the ball of my foot on 20 mile paddling days.


A bit off topic, but what’s the spring forecast looking like on Superior? I’m launching from Brimely, MI in mid-May, hopefully and heading west.

Any damage to shorelines and paddle in campsites since there was no ice?

Maybe you should start a new topic to get more visibility.

FWIW, mid May on the Pere Marquette (northern lower peninsula) in '21 the leaves were just starting to bud out and service berry was blooming. Very pretty and not much wind, but temps got below freezing at night. Superior is probably later by a couple of weeks.

Check out the Wunderground 10-day forecast, it shows the wind which is more important than temp.