I use my keens for long carries in rough terrain and they work and hold up fine.In camp I dry them and wear socks underneath.


thanks I ordered a pair
These look terrific.

I’m sort of hoping they get here before I go up to see my dad - I go barefoot far too often because I find most shoes uncomfortable these days.

I’ve been wearing Teva’s most days last fall. Teva’s with socks. Not very professional attire but necessary.

Mao-Mart. It’s evil.

I have lots of summer sandal/water shoes
Chacos have the best arch support and sole, but the Z2s can turn your big toe purple. I’ve had lots of adjustment hassles with them, but like the fact that they are made and restored in the USA.

Keens are great all arounders, but they do get pebbles in them, and they get really stinky if you where them, say, into a restaurant–they just trap all that sweat and foot odor, and release it inside. Makes my eyes water smelling my own Keens when they are on my feet indoors. I can’t imagine what my polite companions are thinking.

Tevas are the most comfortable, but aren’t as secure as the other two in water. Current can catch under the toe bed.

I wear Teva Protons in my boat, because of the low profile, but the soul is pretty thin for walking on anything sharp and gnarly.