Freshwater supply for saltwater paddling

I am leaving for the Glades

– Last Updated: Jan-01-09 8:23 AM EST –

in two weeks. My third week long trip there.

Water has to go into hard sided containers because raccoons need freshwater too. They are skilled at breaking into soft sided coolers and water holders.

The guideline is a gallon a day per person to cover drinking and bathing. That is 2 liter per person for drinking (which is what you should be doing at home anyway) and 2 liters for all other uses.

In my past two trips I have always come in with excess, (probably means I am not drinking enough) but wont decrease water carried. Accidents happen.

In a kayak you can store in 2 liter soda bottles if your hatch system is raccoon proof.

the statement that" wind waves and weather do not bother me "bothers me.

You should be bothered enough to know when to fold. Add tidal race experience to the prerequisites for your trip.

I see you are in North Dakota. Are you doing this in sections?

How many miles would this be..

Because of tidal boils and whirlpools and wild currents, you might not want to go into NYC.

Maybe some one from MASK can help.

Not warm here
But I carry 2 Litres per day and often have a fair bit left over.

Washing is done in salt water with a fast fresh rinse.

It is never hot here and 2 Litre Pepsi bottles is what I use to carry the water.

This trip would not be done in separate sections, but rather one year long trip, leaving the north in the fall, working my way back up as spring arrives. In this way I should tend to avoid flood conditions on the Mississippi, the worst of the bugs and heat in the south, and winter altogether. Water will be in coon proof containers…I had heard that they were a real problem. Marina tanks are a great tip.

Will you be in a canoe or a kayak?
In a kayak you can solve the racoon problem by packing all your food and water into the hatches at night and securing it. That’s always worked for me in racoon country.

I will be in a decked canoe