FYI Kayak Dolly

-- Last Updated: May-09-16 10:21 PM EST --

I'm just finishing one of these dollies. It was originally designed to carry a Sunfish sailboat so will carry a loaded kayak/canoe with ease. I narrowed the width to 16", added a PVC kickstand and am using airless 16" wheelbarrow tires from Home Depot. It doesn't come apart but makes a nice road/beach dolly.

Very nice. I forget how much a Sunfish weighs but I do recall it’s heavier than a kayak.

Looks like a pretty nice rig!

The tires I got are overkill for a kayak as I had planned to use it for a sunfish but changed my mind. Tires are rated for 300lbs have ball bearings and grease fittings on a 3/4in axel. They are the expensive part at $30 each.

Neat plans.
Thanks. How are the tires on deep sand?

…now that you’ve redesigned it as a super heavy-duty yak wagon, how ya goin’ to get that 300-400 pound sailboat in and out of the water when you decide to sail and NOT yo


-Frank in Miami

I took it for a test run in medium sand and a light kayak and it was fine. If you have a lot of really deep sand the balloon tires would be better.

My tires wear made for wheelbarrows.

Sailboat is going on CL…
Not that I don’t like it but really hard to get out of the mangroves to open water and then only at high tide.