Gear and water temps ...

Yes, saw the one on Newton …
… and was thinking about signing up. Is there a skill level requirement? Didn’t see that anywhere.

Would be great to try on the Kokatat suits … I used to have one, and always kinda wondered if I had the right size.

2011 goal: learn to roll
This I am determined to do. Took a class years ago, didn’t get it done.

I’ve heard some places offer classes in the winter (indoor pools). I’m thinking it would be better to take a class in the late spring, then I’ll be able to out what I’ve learned into regular practice.

too specific to numbers
other factors matter just as much, time in the water, calories available, fitness, head/hand gear etc.

Otherwise it’s in the ballpark

no min. skill level
For the workshops, there is no min. skill level. Also, you can attend and choose not to even get wet. You won’t get as much out of it though.

Agree …
Perfect time and place to get a feel for cold water, with gear to try and people who have experience on hand.

Charles River has a sale on in-stock Kokatat dry suits … was planning on a spring investment … hmmmm.

get a thin hydroskin or similar hood
they can be rolled up and stuffed in a pocket. Make a big difference for anyone getting cold and doesn’t affect hearing like thick neoprene.

Wear any crazy thing you want…
Just be certain to take a swim with it before you paddle with it. If the water is in the 50’s my unprotected hands are good for about 10 minutes max.

Protecting them with gloves feels better but doesn’t really add that much time. I’ll be interested in how the mittens work out.

I’d rather spend $400 or $500 and get the best wetsuit outfit than spend the same money for a lower grade dry suit outfit, but then I’m terrified of dry suits.

I wear my drysuit a lot, mainly because it is so comfy in a wide range of air and water temperatures. I don’t even own other outergear options. Wet suits always feel confining and chafing when I am trying to paddle or move around, though they are great when you are out of your boat in cold water. It is possible to puncture a drysuit, which I worry about when in the rocks and barnacles. I have never seen a puncture at sea. I go for it more than most people when rock gardening, but not Tsunami Ranger-style. I don’t regularly scrape my body over rocks. Those types should use wet suits.

Charle River Cold Water CLinics
We have scheduled some free Cold Water Clinics at Charles river Canoe & Kayak.

Intro. to Cold-Water Clothing

Thursday, Oct. 7, 6:30–8pm

Cold-Water Immersion Session

Sunday, Oct. 24, 10am–4pm

Full details at:


there is no simple chart

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Sing posted elsewhere about trying gear in conditions for yourself. We all have a different sense of temperature and different gear has various results depending on the user.
It just blows my mind to think that anyone would select cold-weather gear for sea kayaking based on anything other than their own experience. You will get wet eventually, might as well get out in a controlled situation, get into the cold water, and find what works best.