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I’d like to buy a kayak for use in flat water creeks off the Chesapeake Bay. I’m in PA, just above northern MD. Does anyone have a suggestion of a reputable store near here? Thanks.

New subject
Can I make a suggestion? You might want to make your subject line a little more to the point, like “Kayak dealer near Chesapeake Bay?” I figured you were looking for tips on paddling technique or something.

I think Stark Moon has a store near…
…Harve de Grace.

email brad at starkmoon dot com

If not shoot me some email and I’ll get you a better contact. I’m stuck here in Ohio, but I

have a lot of friends in that area.

on getting started.
Personally I think it is a very valid subject line. The poster is getting started and wants to know where to buy a boat.



I agree–it is a valid subject line

might be too far
But the Jersey Paddler in Brick,NJ is a good dealer

Thank you for the suggestion - I just checked Mapquest. Brick NJ is 120 miles away. There must be someplace in Delaware. I’ll keep searching but thanks for taking the time to offer the suggestion. I appreciate it.

Thank you
Thanks for the suggestion. You’re right; I wasn’t very specific. I’m not a big chatroom visitor. I’ll have to learn the most effective way to communicate in this process.

Thanks. I’m near Havre de Grace. I’ll check that out. I appreciate the suggestion.

Blue Mt. Outfitters

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Just beware of DUCKHEADS lurking about.

Blue Mountain Outfitters
Blue Mountain Outfitters in Marysville (west side of the Susquehanna just north of Harrisburg) is a great place to go. The folks who run the shop are long-time paddlers and are good folks to deal with. I’ve been happy with everything they have recommended to me. Can’t say enough good things about them.