Glass vs. Plastic boats for a small woma

Romany LV Elite
I use my Elite layup Romany on rivers, surfing etc… I don’t take it rock gardening, but otherwise it is fine. It seems to weigh about 40-45 pounds. At 5’4" and 118, the LV might be right. Fun and playful boat.

I would also second the P&H Vela suggestion. My wife, who is 5’4" has one and is very pleased with it. P&H layups are excellent and weigh less than the traditional Brit (NDK & Valley).

Smaller paddlers
There are now a number of boats designed for smaller paddlers. Wasn’t always this way. In plastic, the CD Squall has been around for a while. CD now has the Squamish, Suka, Willow, Roumer and for really small the Raven. Necky came out with the Eliza and QCC has the Q 10 I believe. There is also the P&H Vela and some others. Find a boat you like and dont worry so much about damaging it. Look at some boats that have come off of expeditions. Now thats beat up and field repaired.