Thanks for the warning.
With my big hands no way will they fit

you know what they say about guys with big hands?

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They need big gloves

Looks like the same product.
Also, NRS seems to have the same glove for $29.95 described as “Latex Boating Gloves.” The guy at APS told me that he gets a big box of them shipped in from some factory in Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all from that same factory.

Brian mentioned sizing limitations, so maybe this will help. My hand circumferance is 8.5", and from bottom of palm to top of index finger is 7". The large size gloves are perfect for me with 100 weight fleece gloves underneath. Size extra large lets me wear a much heavier glove underneath (but I’d rather add pogies instead.)

Kenai Lined neoprene
I picked up a pair at Sportsmans Warehouse for $20. One of the gloves seperated at the palm. The store let me exchange them and I picked up a different model. My hands were warm yesterday while on Tahoe, Air temp 19 degF with a 20 knot wind, water temp in the 30s. Held up for rolling. Still going to invest in Nordic Blues. Thanks for the link!