Glue Mukluks in Drysuit?

I already ordered the latex booties from NRS, but just have to ask, why not just glue mukluks right into the drysuit? They only cost a few bucks more than the latex socks/booties, and they are waterproof. Anybody ever try it?


That must be the booze talkin!
You may find that the Chotas do not work well in certain cockpits (Do you have larger feet?). You may find that the Chotas are too hot, too cold, too uncomfortable, who knows. If you should ever decide to sell your suit and get something different it could make resale difficult. How will it effect drying? Will it make packing more difficult? What if your boots get hung up on your foot braces or on some other thing? Cancel Christmas. Bill

Now That’s Funny!! NM

some good points
And I don’t think the boots would fit in my kayak. Drying is sort of problematic with mukluks anyway. Any footwear could get stuck in a cockpit, regardless of being attached to your drysuit, its a problem.

I’m thinking the boots wear out, but so do gaskets and latex booties.

Too hot? By the time they are too hot you don’t need the drysuit. I wear neo booties in the summer because it’s about all that fits in the cockpit. Too cold, more socks? What do you wear if it’s that cold? Snowmobile boots are not going in the cockpit.

I’m sure somebody out there has done it. At least taped the legging onto their boots when a gasket gave out. And maybe left the boot taped on to go paddling the next day. And thought, maybe just glue these puppies in. Come on, fess up.