Glued in tie downs

I’ve heard of gluing tie down rings inside a canoe to use in lashing down freight. Does anyone have experience with this? If so what materials did you use? Placement? Success? Failures? Problems? Solutions? I’ll be packing gear in 5 gal. buckets with water proof screw on lids. Any shared experience is appreciated.

There’s many ways to answer that
question, but for starters - what is the model and layup of the boat you are working with and what kind of paddling do you intend to do? There are a couple choice adhesives (Vynabond, G-flex etc) you can use for adhering d-rings to a hull, but it’s important to choose the proper one based on the layup. Simply glueing a d-ring with Weldwood contact cement and subjecting it to heavy sheer force is not going work for long. I’d take a long hard look at the type of paddling you intend to do, vs. the effort that you’ll put into this project. You may find that it’s easier to daisy chain all you buckets together and fasten them to some hardware in the boat, like a thwart or something. If you swamp the buckets will float out of the boat but you can still keep them together.

You may also want to consider using locking lid barrels . . . from Eureka, Headstrong or Hooligan more space and security, less containers.

D rings…
Wat Ed said… Pilgrim

Now, iffin yer do go through wit it here be wat ah’ do.

Ah’ have dem in most o’ me canoos. Used Vynabond fer de glue. Clean surfaces wit denatured alcohol, trace D-ring pattern to hull… lightly rough up each surface wit sandpaper (watch de stitchin’ on de D ring), clean agin’… lightly coat both surfaces wit a “thin” layer o’ Vynabond (haven’t tried G-Flex yet), let dry fer a bit so it ain’t tacky anymore… add another light coat… let dry a bit as de foyst coat did… “slightly” warm each coated surface wit a haar drier or heat gun (very, very low setting)… line up an’ stick de D ring to de hull (yer git only one shot at dis, so be careful)… use a veneer roller or a rounded dowel ta git all de air bubbles out an’ ta really git de D ring ta make good contact wit de hull. Let dry fer a day or two before puttin’ stress on de d ring. Ah’ gots some rectangular d-rings on me ol’ Tripper dat ah’ put on almost 30 years ago an’ still goin’ good. Used 3M Structural Adhesive fer dat.

Here be some daguerreotypes o’ wat ah’ did las’ time ah’ put some in.

Fat Elmo

more info on d ring question
I have a 16.5’kevlar canoe-will be paddling lakes or slow streams-want buckets secure so they double as flotation.

Whole different ballgame now!

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Opps! Ah' had assoomed Royalex... Ok, Kevlar/glass - be epoxy (possibly de G-Flex which ah' ain't tried yet). Yer kin' glass tape in a D ring onto de hull