got an idea for an invention

I got an idea for an invention that would make getting a canoe or kayak on a car easier. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll get sketches posted soon.

If you really think it is a good idea, do not post it here. Get some legal advice first.

see a lawyer
to begin with, making your “invention” public property by posting it here on the net may lose you anyu future rights to it should someone else take your idea and implement it.

second … be sure you’ve got documentation both written and drawings which portray your idea.

third … think of any and all other uses to which your invention might be put to use or others may take your idea and use it in a manner you hadn’t thought of. (they still may)

lastly … getting an ‘invention’ patented can be VERY expensive. the legal process which will give you protection of your idea may be beyond the pockets of the average guy.

The responses make me happy that I haven’t had any ideas lately. Think I’ll check and see what’s on TV.

legal advice
yeah! I can do that for you. send sketches too. I can also manufacture it for you!

Is it the “seesaw” method?

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I already thought of it.

Sit your kayak on one end of a seesaw, jump on the other end.

I have another idea too. "Airbags" in the paddle blades. For those who can't roll, just have Patrick at ONNO rig a paddle with airbags in the blades so you can just hit a button and BOOM an airbag explodes out of your paddle blade, helping you to roll back up.

here it is

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I went to freewebs and got a free website for my sketches with a template. They're not artistic but I'm a kayaker, not an artist

I see
It’s a clever modification of the “seesaw” method whereby one uses the seasaw as an inclined plane to GRADUALLY raise the kayak so as to reduce impact forces and minimize damage to the boat and vehicle.



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thanks :-)! I made it so it adjusts because SUVs and cars are very different in height.

Hey Pamlico!!
You’ve invented my husband!!! Or atleast something that could relieve him of some work. But seriously…keep your great ideas to yourself till you’ve protected them. Not everyone is nice (though it seems you certainly are :slight_smile: ). Take care. Hows the paddling? Still loving the new boat? It’s almost time for another one, wouldn’t you say?



still loving my Pamlico 140.
I still like it. I’ve gotten alot better now. I have learned different strokes and stuff.

here is my solution
to loading kayaks on a very tall vehicle:

didnt know whether your were serious in your pursuit of an easy loading method or not.

Since installing the collapsible ladder:

I’ve added one on the other side. One could easily remove the ladder and place in on the other side but having two ladders is obviously quicker…in the link directly above you see the ladder completly collapsed for storage or carrying, when on the RV is extends down to the

bumper which carries its weight (luck would have it that it does not block the tail lights)…these ladders only weigh 30 pounds.

In the pic of the RV with the ladder deployed and ready for a kayak to slide down you see ‘outriggers’, these I made out of conduit (pvc would work just as well)…the bottom outriggers store in a storage on the RV during travel, the top outriggers stay in place, they serve to keep the kayak on the ladder in high wind.

What you dont see is the ‘stop’ at the bottom of the ladder…it simply stops the kayak as it slides down the ladder and holds it there until I can climb down and lift the kayak off.

In two major trips (Ontario last Sept. and Florida this Feb) the ladders were used over and over and over again without any failures…at home before any trip I decided to deploy the ladder and climb up it…(not nec. since the RV already has a ladder in place)…the collapsible ladders flexed but showed not sign of being taxed.

One person viewing at the Sweetwater symposium asked if the ladder scratched the bottom of the kayak. The ladder rungs are aluminum and very smooth. I bought the things people slide furniture on and thought I would affix them to the rungs but as long as the bottom of the kayak is clean (no sand) then its not a problem.

If you like this idea and want to patent it go for it!

The hardest part of this project was drilling holes in the top part of the ladder to mate with the clevis pins that go through the barn door hinges…dont have a drill press and had to do them by hand.

The barn door hinges are drilled and bolted to the rear most Thule bar (the RV has three Thule bars on it, 2 with cradles and the last just for the ladder system, on that last bar is also a roller to ease my pulling when RVtopping the kayak).

Site selection for offloading is important in this system because a fully extended ladder is 12 feet long, the RV is already 19 feet long and if you use the 3inch condiut pieces to gain height then its even longer…strangly in almost 4000 miles of travels and at least 22 put ins take outs I never had a problem finding a suitable location, but I would love to have a system that allows side off-loading and i think the solution will be found with a rock climbing device called an ascender–or actually a pair of them…

stick to your day job.
skip the lawyer. don’t build a parking lot at your house and stay home waiting for the public masses to form long lines waiting for this ‘invention’. it’s an idea who’s time hasn’t come yet. i’d not wait for that time. :wink:

That is pretty darn slick!
I’d love to see an action shot sometime showing the boats being loaded and unloaded. I’m guessing you pull them up and let them down with ropes while your are on top of the vehicle?

Ya know
if ya deflated your tires first, the roof would be that much lower. Oops my secrets out…

An easier way!
Hey, I know an easier way. Leave the kayak(s) floating, and simply drive your car into the water UNDER them, then drive them right out. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

(just kidding you-- keep working on your idea. Ya never know…)

do not I repeat
DO NOT combine the 2 above ideas.

Old School

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Wha Ho, young Pilgrim;

Word of advice fro' an old fart.... never stop dreamin' an' thinkin'. Even though yer idea may not turn out wat ye wanted it to be dis time, thaar always be a next time. Never give up yer dreams. Waan yer lose those dats waan ye be done fer. Fat Elmo gives ye credit fer usin' yer imagination - dat be a'mighty rare thing amoung dem young whipper-snappers now-a-days. Keep it going, lad.

Anywhoo, ah's still be o' de old school - just pick up de boat an' put it on de car.

Fat Elmo

That’s a good reason to get a Hummer
H1. Might have to get a snorkel extension.