GP dimensions, length and width.

Does help
I only watched it once, a while before carving, and didn’t refer back during, but just having seen it once really helped. Made the lines on the Holst plans make perfect sense - and easy to follow even with different carving tools/methods.

Don’t be sorry for plugging very well done and useful info that’s also FREE! With a little added background/fluff material edited in, and some tips on variations/materials/etc. it would be marketable at usual video prices (albeit probably a small market). Would be a toss up between that and Brian’s book, and if most are like me they’d get both (but I’ll admit I don’t have a copy of Brian’s book yet).

Thanks Greyak

Well, what are you waiting for?
Christmas is coming, you know… :wink:

Not waiting, avoiding!
I’m afraid it will just make me want more tools and a real workshop (or at least space), or get me carving fancy paddles with tips and laminations and all that. Not old enough for that level of craftsmanship/workshop puttering just yet! :wink:

…it may inspire you to buy more tools, but that’s a good thing. Remember, tools are supposed to SAVE time…not that they necessarily do.

I don’t really have workshop per se, I just have the “stationary” tools on rolling bases and move them around my cluttered basement as needed. My poor table saw has to live in the garage for now, as there’s no room in the basement for it.

Yeah if I lived somewhere that
didn’t have a winter I probably wouldn’t have built so many paddles and boats. When I get out of work it’s dark and cold - perfect for slipping down into the shop and puttering.

I’ll have to pick up a copy of Brian’s book too.

You have…
… a basement AND a garage and claim no real workspace? Hah! Table saw? Not gonna happen here.

Try a 400 sq foot efficiency, one floor, no garage. Front patio and a cheap Chinese Workmate type table’s about it.

For now, while I’m in this place, I carve more Inuit style. Often holding paddle in arms/legs after major stock removal’s done with handsaw and plane.

I may spring for a drawknife (have a mini that’s really handy - but want to try a more solid/larger one for making faster work of the wedges & bow tie.

The upside to living small? Salt water 40 ft from the door, 1/2 hour paddle to the ocean. Hard to give that up just for workspace…

I just ordered via PayPal.