GP technique question

I bought a GP from a local craftsman and have been paddling around the lake I live on. I seem to be getting the hang of the canted forward stroke. I can keep up with any of my paddling buddies with Euros and despite my skepticism I am really enjoying paddling with the GP. Now my question. What about paddling backwards? What is the best technique for paddling in reverse? Do you tilt the paddle the equivalent way you do for the forward stroke? Or what?

I just paddle in reverse by
keeping the blade perpendicular to the water. Just like other paddles.

Place the blade flat on the water and
then lean your weight onto the paddle. You’d be surprised at how fast you can paddle backwards that way.

GP + water = all you need to know
Harpoon all gurus!

Yes, there are tips and techniques that can be passed on, but it all get distorted in words.

If we paddled together, I can show you a few odds and ends I’ve found that may or may not help you. Might learn somethings for myself from watching you too.

Hardest part of GP technique is dropping some other habits learned with other paddles that may limit what the GP will do for you if you didn’t already “know” something about paddling.

Hey, have you seen the
Hutchinson video ‘Beyond the Cockpit’ ?

In the vid he shows how to lean the kayak when paddling backwards–even moreso with the lift the GP gives…and the confidence the GP gives. With most kayaks stability is favored in the forward direction. The GP will negate that with its superiority in lift…yes the GP is a wing paddle too…maybe even consider it a biplane but let the more technical gurus here pick that apart.

What Works For Me
I don’t change any cant / angle from my forward stroke. The boat scoots backwards. Life is good.

let the paddle teach you
that said, going backwards, the paddle stays forward canted pretty much like you’d do with a euro. where you can really see the difference is with a forward sweep. very powerful with a canted blade, but … wear your noseplugs the first time you try it.

The stroke is the same a with a Euro
While the forward strokes differ between a GP and a Euro, the reverse stroke is essentially the same. I agree with the recommendation of studying Derek Hutchinson’s reverse stroke technique, as it’s the most effective I’ve found.

That’s exactly what I was trying to describe in words in my post above.

Back-paddling lean
Are you talking about leaning the kayak from side to side as you paddle backwards? How do you keep from developing too much rolling momentum?

The blade is FLAT on the water----
You are basically doing a capsize onto a low brace which will hold you up. Take a look at DH’s video if you get a chance.

Faster backwards
We can all do more push ups than pull ups.

Curious what GP stands for?

And, one of the replies says to watch DH video, what is the DH video?



hi doug
gp = greenland paddle

dh = derek hutchinson

believe that PNet sells beyond the cockpit–otherwise you can get it from wayne horodowich’s usaseakayaking site

Thanks for the help… :wink:

it seems like a lot of energy would be
lost in the leaning, pushing down, and switching sides. I know it is a popular method, and it does work, but if the benefit was that much greater wouldn’t people use a similar technique for moving forward as well?

Actually, it’s the opposite…
…since you’re using your weight to help propel you. Besides, there really aren’t a lot of reverse paddling techniques, so you basically have a choice between using all muscle power or muscle power combined with your weight.

You can ‘fall’ going forward as well as backward. You just fall onto the other side of the paddle.