Garmin’s leak
This may be true for all GPS, but my inexpensive garmin e-trex was destroyed by water. I bought another which also got moisture in it and fried itself. They are easy to use and work well for a couple of years, but then the glue/seals dry out and they leak.

Thanks a Bunch!
Really appreciate your help! WW

I see what you are saying and I agree
Before I go somewhere new I will check out my charts or use google earth before I go. I do have a compass in my deck bag and know how to use it but I have never needed it.

Garmin 72
fell off the front of a canoe (it was mounted in the canoe) at 35 mph. bounced off the hood of the truck and then skittered down the highway.

Still works!

Water proofing compromised(see above highway)

Went submerged and got water logged. I disassembled and air dried it out )

Still works!

Garmin Map 60CSX
It’s hard to go wrong with a Garmin 60CSX. It’s been the most popular hand held unit for years, for very good reason and now that there is a upgraded model in Garmin’s line, the 60CSX is selling for nearly half of what it cost not even a year ago.

The reception is rock solid even under the worst conditions, it has expandable map memory and can even do automotive navigation with the proper software installed.

It’s “sister unit” the Map 76CSX is also a good choice and might be even cheaper.