Grippy material for lining thigh braces

The 1mm wetsuit neoprene works great
Follow-up to my earlier post:

Last night I glued in the 1mm wetsuit neoprene with matte nylon face on it. Took it out today, fairly hot (got to 90). The new surface did not get slippery, yet it did not chafe or feel too grippy. In other words, a PERFECT match for what I wanted. I did NOT want it to feel sticky. It is better than the neoprene without fabric face, IMO.

After 24 rolls, all 3 hatches remained dry. The outfitting feels good now that I’ve dialed in the right amount of foam between the BH and my feet. This boat is really easy to roll, with that nice long contact area from the downsized keyhole. I don’t need to add hip pads because the “shelf” takes care of that.

I’m a happy camper :slight_smile:

Congrats on a new and custom fitted boat. Hope it treats you well.

works better than this

Here’s an off-beat idea
Two of the kneeling pads I put on the floor of a canoe are a bit slippery at times. I solved the problem by “painting” the fabric surface with that “liquid plastic stuff” that is used to coat tool handles. It works like a charm! It gives you a very thin coating of very “grippy” material. The first coat soaks into any kind of fabric or foam quite readily, so a second coat applied after the first dries provides most of the surface coating.

One caution: It would be wise to make sure the solvent in the liquid plastic does not disolve the material you are intending to coat, so test it on some scrap material before applying it.

60 grit sandpaper

Not sure this applies except in WW
boats, but if there is a slipping problem, it can be because the thigh hook is not at quite the right angle, or because the rest of one’s outfitting is just a bit loose. Some “loose” is good in touring and sea kayaks, but in whitewater kayaks there should be just enough “loose” to permit escape. Otherwise, the stickiness of the thigh hooks really should not be an issue. If one’s knee slips without one’s wishes, it may call for building up the thigh pad a bit.

I always wished for magic thigh hooks that would snap out of the way the moment I decided to wet exit. A really big person like me can feel anxious about outfitting tight enough for good control and rolling. It’s easier in WW c-1, where one doesn’t have so much leg packed into the bow, and one’s butt is already half out of the boat.

I have a roll of peel-off adhesive 1/8" black rubbery padding that is less slippery and more durable than conventional neoprene. Doesn’t do anyone any good unless they are close enough to Atlanta to borrow some, but maybe it will help to know that such exists.