hardchined low volume poly seakayak ...

When I said that I was thinking something like a Strand Qajaq (and that implies a kayak specific for rolling, and I think most would think a Greenland kayak is for rolling)…I’ve sat in an Anas and tried to lie back on the deck and by that I mean really lie flat on the back deck…didn’t happen for me…so to refine my answer further a kayak where I can lie completely flat on the back deck --or am I getting redundant! Funny, the youngest’s Tempest 165 allows a complete flat layback but I wouldnt consider it a greenland kayak. Hey, if I keep typing I’ll forge a completely different view as to what a greenland kayak is. I know that they (the Inuit) had many kayaks for many intended uses, def. not just for rolling.

To practice for the ocean
Completely disagree that you need to take a long boat into WW to have skills that’ll transfer to open sea rough water. If anything, you should go in the opposite direction.

My husband and I spent a moderate amount of time this season learning WW and getting basically functional in class 2 WW, using planing hull WW boats. They couldn’t be more different from our sea kayaks. But we found that, when we took a class in a tidal race in September that ramped up to levels that would be class 2 with class 3 spots in WW, the time in the WW boats had been totally valuable.

If you are trying to use WW to get skills for the ocean, get a true WW boat that will allow you to really push the envelope in WW. The longer boats you are considering won’t give you the kind of control and ability to work it like planing hull WW boat will.

can’t argue with your points Celia
but back in the day we took the Chinooks into the Nolichucky and Hiawassee (both class III)…talk about a hoot and the key thing i remember is to EXAGGERATE the eddy turns! but I agree with not recommending this to sane people.


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I was just curious as to how others define a Greenland kayak. I've been in replicas and differant renditions of greenland kayaks and I've even rolled Frey's sexy hexy. But am still not sure how I would define a Greenland boat as comparing boat to boatas being "more Greenland". However I personally find the Anas Acuta quite sufficent rolling and paddling, and compares favorably to many boats considered to be Greenland Style and it even compares favorably (for me, at my weight) to many replica's. As with all Kayaks, a lot depends on a persons body style (long back...etc) and weight. Thank You for the answer.

(my wife and I have 3 Anas Acuta's, and find them nice for teaching balance brace and basic greenland rolling. I have the seats cut out, to fit a wider aray of people. I also have foam seats to put in them to adjust fit to some back lengths. Then I adjust the masik height using pieces of 1 inch foam....I find the hull to be quite nice for this aplication.)(I also weight between 205 and 210 so the Anas Acuta settles nicely into the water with me in it)(because of my size any skin boat that actually fits me is close in size to an Anas Acuta.)

(To get your back flatter to the deck....scoot forward in the kayak helps, a seat hinders this)

the kayak can't be just for rolling, tho , otherwise you wouldn't have the necessary stability to throw a harpoon :) unless you plan on rolling with every toss

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to Celia…she is speaking the truth

A long boat is best suited where there is room for it.

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I completely agree with that Celia. Now you and your’s should get yourselves some high performance composite surf kayaks with fins and get on with surfing! Watch the dust pile up on yor sea kayaks :slight_smile:

alright alright
thanks for all the suggestions of getting a ww boat etc. I am not sure if you read my post above. I have a jackson 2 fun. I run 3+ 4- stuff in it now. I like it. And when I was at deception pass it really helped. Its all fun. But I love long boats. Thats that. I am not planning on running all class III with the intended long boat. Just some places that have glass surf waves. So back to my question.

Long boat, low volume. poly (I am giving up the hard chine request!). Any more thoughts most welcome.


have you tried
Azul Corsair and Perception Avatar. just a thought, i know the avatar is pretty low volume, i’ve sat in one and my size 12 feet had to just about bend in half to fit in.

Not sure why you want hard chine in
this ap, and I’m a die hard hard chine man. For what you want I give another vote for the Avocet. Your weight and frame sound perfect for it and it is the easyest real sea kayak (excluding sof) that I’ve had the pleasure or rolling.

too beamy
I am short. More so my arms are 2-3 inches shorter than a “normal” person of my height. I like 20 inch wide boats. Thats one of the big reasons for still staying away from the Avocet.


NorthShore RM kayak
North Shore Sea Kayaks have two RM boats coming out soon. Not sure about availabilty but I thought/hoped that Valley would be distributing them.

Laybacks, and another roto kayak due out
I don’t see why you can’t do a layback roll in a Tempest 165, because I’m even smaller than you and I can in mine. It’s not that the back deck is super low–it’s that the distance from the seat to the coaming’s rear edge is long enough to keep one’s lower back from hitting the edge.

I did add 1/2" minicell foam to my seat, which I like for more than one reason. But I bet you can do a layback roll without this modification, because you are taller than I am (and most men have longer torsos compared with women anyway).

There is a rumor that NDK will produce a roto Romany. IF they issue the LV version of the Romany, that should fit the bill. I’ve paddled the glass version, and it’s extremely easy to maneuver, and the lowered deck is truly low. Most people would not even be able to fit in this boat.

Yup relatively big
I’m 6’, 175, and the Avocet feels a bit beamy to me as well.

I find the Romany more responsive and even easier to roll than an Avocet.

According to Peter Orton
Valley ‘rescued’ North Shore and is/will be producing the RM North Shore boats.

On another thread it was noted that Valley, North Shore, and NDK rm boats are/will be all produced at the same location.

Necky make a Looksha IV(4) and I think now a V(5) in a 17’ length also that is a hardchined RM kayak?

Did you not see Sing’s suggestion?
The EpiSea roto molded boat is “Greenland” - 14 feet long - and hard chined. Its narrow, low volume, small cockpit - perfect it seems for your size.

Heck - my kids even have a WS Tsunami 120SP that is rotomolded - 12’ long and two hard chines (it seems) that you could fit into. Steve Scherrer (FLATPICK) has taken the Tsunami 120SP into big surf conditions and pronounced it very capable and fun.

So - yes, we would all have loved a RM Anas Acuta - but if you are shorter than me (6’2") then you can fit into the two boats I listed above. And they are CHEAP…


Oh - before I forget…
…where in CO are you? I am moving out there in about 45 days somewhere between CS and Denver.


for playing? get a rockhopper!!!
love mine…i would take it up to class 2+…i think that it would do great…and a great length to boot!!!

corgimas.blogspot.com for more info…