heater meals

Have any of you tried any of these “heater meals” that are being marketed? If so I’d like to know your opinion of them: quality, taste, nutrition, and value. Would you recommend them for use on extended paddling trips?

One of the magazines did a test
a few years ago. They comparred price, taste, and nutrition. Compared to 3 or 4 Snickers bars the only advantage the meal had was that it was somewhat warm.

I’d say if you want a decent warm meal stick to the MREs and the heaters that are made for them. Even when they’re out of the overpack for a couple years they’ll get a meal pretty warm.



heaters / MRE’s
I’ve only tried the MRE’s. Heater does work well but I don’t like all the trash you’re left with after each meal.

… We are moving over to dehydrated foods. Just found the ready meals tasteless or tired of eating the same ole thing.

Our cooker is the Dualist and we have a Jetboil as a backup.

There are a lot of hearty recipes out there on the web and YouTube. We got tired of not filling nourished – especially for dinner.

We’ll probably always back one or two for emergency sake.

Good - not so good
I have to be prepared to be stranded for extended periods of time on my job. I’ve taken to carrying at least one heater meal with me in case I run out of other food and get hungry before rescue. I find the heater meals to be a good option for situations where using a camp stove isn’t practical or safe. The food is much better than a few Snickers bars - in spite of what some magazine writer might have said. But you get a better variety - and I think better taste as well - with the freeze-dried meals currently available (I like Mountain House best).

I don’t have time to pre prep food. Makes this an easy option and don’t have to carry stoveand fuel. It’s edable. All I care about.

The MREs are good, but as was mentioned they do make a lot of trash, and they are heavy. Good for Water, bad for backpacking…

Anyone have a good source for these? Please post link. Thanks!

Learn to forage for what’s edible…
and nutrious growing where you live and paddle. Here in Florida it’s a banquet, further north you’ll have a harder time of it but a person should still be able feed themselves in case of an emergency, right?

What are your tips?
Give some tips gulfcoaster - I’d like to know what are some options here in Florida - thanks!

Great MRE source
The Army…

any PX or BX has them, or if you have connections GIs can get them, or shop online at Ranger Joes, Quartermasters ect…

to let the Floridians do all the foraging and just eat them.

I lived on MRE’s for weeks at a time, I would never choose to eat them again! Perhaps they’ve gotten more palatable in the last 12 years since I got out, but I’ll stick with my whisperlite and a bag of pogey bate if I want something hot to eat. MRE’s have a lot of packaging, not very green. If you do like them, they are pretty convenient.

that is too funny - I hope the other Floridians on this site look tastier then me!