Heeling a Canoe--what am I doing wrong?

Good point. I use a 60" cherry Grey Owl Guide.

My 56" BB Arrow works OK. My Foxworx FFG 52" bent shaft also works OK for an in-water recovery, but you can’t palm roll it or do everything that a straight paddle can do. Both have relatively thin edges, but not like the Guide.

Being a river paddler, my go-to paddle is a 56” Werner Bandit. With a “T” grip and spooned blade it’s great for “cab forward” paddling – forward and cross-forward strokes with a minimum of correction. Most of my boats are set up for kneeling so I can paddle them like whitewater boats.

When I got my Wildfire I wanted to try some freestyle moves, and quickly realized that the Bandit wasn’t good for that. Based on advice I got on Pcom, I got a 56” FOXworx. With the huge pear grip and large blade, the Indian Stroke with a palm roll and in-water recovery is the easiest way to move the boat forward.

Great example of how the paddle you choose can effect the strokes you do.