Help! Can't Roll My Sirius!

I’ve been reading as well
And I have to agree with fadedred…

I too paddle a sirius and I instruct. If you can roll other boats you should be able to roll the sirius. It’s even a much larger boat for my frame and I can still roll it. As fadedred stated, if you’re having trouble with this sea kayak, you never had a perfect roll in the first place. I think you’re getting a little defensive with other criticism here. You definitely need to team up with someone and have them diagnose what you’re doing wrong. If you can roll all the other boats you speak of and have trouble consistently rolling the sirius, there has to be something wrong with the basic fundamentals of your roll, no other way about it.

Best of luck to you.

of the reson that the mind does the numb thing has to do with confidence in Your roll.

your not really sure that it will work.

when you stand on the bottom of a lake and then just dunk your face under water…no fear or trepidation…because you know that you can just lift you head and breath.

once you are confident in your roll its the same.

think Tai Chi totally suported by water. or think Yoga with no gravity pulling You down and fowling up balance.

rolling is not an act of desperation…it’s swimming with a boat and spinning like a dolphin. rolling should not be defined by momentum of the boat.

the paddler should control the boat completely and not the other way .

water works in your favor by buoying you up…unless you fight it and curl up like a ball.

the roll is always done when you lift you head…but it might not be completed…

spread your body out on the water and relax…face down or face up should be no differant…spread out and then gently flow onto either the front deck or the back deck

If You were close to where I live…I would help …but since you are out east, I would suggest Mark Schoon very highly…he uses both euro and Greenland paddles and is very intuitive as far as teaching rolling. If You were into Greenland…than Go to Walden Pond and talk to Dan or Will or any of the pond scum You see…or Turner and Cheri. if You were out west I would sugest Leon Somme or Nigel Foster or Flatpick (Steve)

if you were down florida way, I would sugest Greg Stamer. If you were in England…well the list gets long.

Best Wishes


when people post something and ask for a some criticism, they become a little tender when others try and post some constructive opinion.

Like others have stated, something is wrong with your roll. You posted this thread and asked for help. It’s not the boat. It’s you. You throw out the info about being an instructor. So what. I’ve seen many that are incredibly incompetent.

I am not implying that in regards to you or your situation. What I am saying is that there is too much emphasis on the boat and and the “chines.”

The sirius is not a hard boat to roll. If you have a good roll like one would conclude from you posts, it would then seem confusing to me that you have a hard time rolling a sirius.

Uh - who are you talking to?

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In the order of the thread, you would be talking to Kudzu or at second shot me. Only Kudzu hasn't indicated he is having trouble rolling, I already admitted to a DAU issue and neither of us is trying to roll a Sirius. At least not right now.

And saying something must be wrong with the roll is only marginally useful without suggesting ideas as to what... at least if I were trillium.

"a perfect roll"
Few of us have “a perfect roll.” Leon Somme said he had to go back to the very basics and rebuild his roll.

Among the paddlers with whom I most often practice skills, there is general agreement that one has to refresh the basics every year.

I was remiss last season in doing so and it was very evident.

No, don’t put it off
Try to analyze what’s happening with your roll (or failed roll) NOW, when it’s still warm outside, and before you make it a huge problem due to procrastination. Something is off, and it might take only a small change to fix. I agree that having a good critiquer watch/comment will save time, but if you don’t get that opportunity, you might still be able to figure it out yourself.