help choosing a sit-on-top

I used some kind of tandem Ocean Kayak during a cruise. It had no model name that I could find on it. I really liked the built-in foot braces because if I recall, you pushed with your heel. Since I am kayaking for fitness (1-4 hour workouts on a lake), I want to get my legs involved as much as possible.

I now have a Pungo for colder weather paddling but the foot braces only get my toes and ball of my foot involved. Without the heel pushing, I don’t feel as if I’m really getting my legs involved as much as I’d like. Has anyone else noticed this or is my memory of the Ocean Kayak experience faulty?

I was thinking of buying a Tarpon 120 for summer paddling but in looking at the photos, I see they have the same foot rail/braces as the Pungo which I don’t care for. I had decided on the Tarpon because I thought I would stay drier than most sit-on-tops but now I may reconsider - any advice?

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 or 15 for more
speed, though OK kayaks may not be as dry as the Tarpon, but you can get scupper plugs to stop water from coming in. Very popular for fishing bays and near shore. Check out and for information about sit on tops. Even is you don’t fish, those two sites have more information about sit on tops than almost anyplace on the web. also mailorders kayaks and has an excellent reputation.

heres some
I am not sure if light weight/compactness is much of a priority, but i think the Scupper Pro would be a great flatwater/light ocean workout boat.It has pretty decent speed for a generic plastic SOT and it’s narrower than most in it’s class so it’ll help a decent higher angle stroke not bang on the sides.

Or, the original Scrambler-cheap,light,very manouverable yet doesnt weathercock much. and very versatile in ANY weather condition,though slow.-order your’s with the optional hatches-you’ll be glad you did because then you can camp out of it too

Emotion & Cobra
I have an Emotion Exhilarator, and Emotion Charger and a Cobra Navigator XF (just purchased) and I LOVE my Exhilarator! Check into one. I can’t say enough great about it.

Tarpon 160 . Accept no stubby
substitutes. SOT are wet boats; kayaking is a wet sport.