Help Identify, Describe & Value PMC

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I will be soon selling my canoe, I have had it for some time but as it was for once a year recreation (floating down the river beer in tow) and I am not quite an enthusiest I do not know much about it. When I sell it I would like to describe it the best way possible as well as get the maximum value for it.

What I do know (or think I know anyway). Made in mid 70's since it was made in Indy. There seems to be some value to this maker of canoe. That's pretty much it.

It is a Pat Moore Canoe being identified as being made in Indianapolis Indiana. I measured it myself and came up with 14' 5'' long and 2'11'' wide at it's center. It is green and the serial number is PMA 010180577

Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. If any further info will help you help me please let me know and I will do my best to provide it. Pictures could be provided via email if this would help.

Thanks in advance,

You’re not part of the infamous
Infrastructure out of Boone NC are you?

They only go out once a year to the New River and one whole canoe is full of beer…it’s the BB (beer boat).

not NC
No, I am in Indiana. My once a year trip is usaully a couple of friends and family members at a livery nearby. Everybody else in our group rents their canoe. Figured in the future I will do the same.

Ok, didn’t mean to hijack the thread
My brother’s group is about 20 or 30 people and a couple dozen boats. It’s just a crazy time.

sounds like a good time.

Is it a tandem or solo?
I sold my tandem 16’ Moore Canoe “Ladybug” last summer for about $500.

Different models from the same maker are valued differently.

It is Tandem
It’s a tandem PMC, green and no major blemishes. Although there is some mild fading to the green I would guess this has always been covered/stored inside.