Help - Need to make a choice quickly

I know who that’s directed against! “Broach-o-matic” was a more descriptive and genteel appelation (although I prefer “wingnut”: it’s upswept, skinny & flaired at both ends, and spins faster than a spun nut).

there will be performance differences
but you can’t go wrong with either the Ch16 or T165. Playful vs. a touring boat. Buy one, relax, sit back and enjoy the ride happy with what you got! :slight_smile:

from another thread…
“As noted the Chatham 16 is not really slow for you. It’s a very specialised ocean play boat that excels in water that scares the hell out of most people. The same high volume bow and very full cross section that make it throw a bow wave in calm water make is superb in big nasty stuff. So, in the conditions for which it was designed it is “faster” than boats which are better for calmer seas. It is all a compromise.

The Ch 17 is faster for all round conditions.”

In the "same boat"
I’ve been out looking and comparing. I’ve got a Tsunami 145…and its great for its purposes, but it is a tank.

I too am considering the Tempest and Chatham. The T-17 is a great boat but at 175lb and 5’9 I felt it had too much freeboard and weathercocked somewhat. The skeg pretty much corrected it, but I think the T-165 is the option for me out of the two.

The Chatham 17 is heavy, but I paddle regularly with a guy who has no trouble at all making it move in all conditions. The low fore and especially the aft deck make it resistant to the wind.

In summary: I don’t think the Tsunami is what you want. The Chatham and Tempest both have advantages, but I’m thinking that the T-165 is the closest match to what you might want.

I agree with the above posters: don’t rush into this. Paddle the boats…and press the dealer to extend the “deal.” There are lots of 15% off sales; thats nothing special around here.

good stuff- all
great advice. the participants on this forum are giving great advice.

best if you could paddlethe boats you have narrowed it down to. there is a HUGE difference between the Chatham-16, C-17 and Tempests. you gotta get in 'em to see.

and I’m not going to go out on a limb and say the tsunami ain’t in the running. for many it beats the others. it’s roomier, tracks better and has a sweet rudder…hey some folks LIKE rudders!

good luck


Pressure to buy
Will they honor the sale price later if you agree to buy a boat from them within a certain time period? Maybe if you give them a deposit over the phone?

Be sure that it really is a good deal. Some dealers who charge full price give a 10% store credit with the purchase of a new boat.