Help on building a canoe or kayak

Canoe building books
Fat Elmo has a pretty extensive list of books, but add Hazen’s t Strippers Guide, and tru to acquire the Minnesota Canoe Associations Strip Builders Handbook.

Note, different folks have different methods and it’s risky to pick and choose.

For plans, try David Yost. OPut of the goodness of my heart, I can’t give his address here.

And, of course, differential rocker works just fine in big water.


Differential rocker
I’d say in general the more rocker, differential or otherwise, the more effort you are going to have to put into steering the boat.

I havn’t seen the Grasse River boats but IMO the Magic is more of a go straight boat than the Osprey.



I haven’t spent any time in a Rockered
boat…( less then an hour.) I have spent some time in 18 1/2 foot USCA solos and cruisers. I just see no sense in having to have to paddle hard to go straight. I supose if I was younger I would want to play in the rapids and have a different outlook…

Different Strokes
Ha! Compared to my Mad River Outrage the Osprey hardly turns at all;-) I do prize manuverability over most everything else.

Anyway I apreciate your sharing your thoughts. With some help from the PNet go straight go fast crew I’m starting to get the hang of switching. Sitting is coming a bit harder but I’ll get there.


I switch from
sitting to kneeling periodically to ease the back. I love long courses, but if I could only sit, or only kneel I would have to shorten the race…