Hello I am fairly new to the sport. I am 5’7 looking into buying a 16ft sea kayak, and doing some daytriping and light weekend camping with it.

What do people reccommend?

I like the P&H capella and Valley Avocet.

Both good boats
They are both good boats. Both absolutely capable. Get the one in which you feel most comfortable and makes you smile the most.

Lots of good boats.
These are two among many good boats that would work for you.

Get the Avocet.

(Oh, if you want a list of 16 boats and comments, check out the reviews on this site.)

Put This On Your List…
Tempest 165.

that works
now for paddle,pfd and practice.

Chatham 16. Plenty of storage for day-tripping, great in trickier water, tracks well, skeg for really windy conditions and really great customer service. Try one before you decide on another boat. I’m VERY glad I did.

Your Weight And Built Factors In…

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The Capella is a big in the cockpit area. The one I tried, I felt I was swimming in it. The Avocet fit me much better. I'm 5'3" and 140. Both boats should provide enough room for weekending or longer if you pack like a backpacker.

If possible, spend some time renting the kayaks you're interested in to see which you like best. Of course, if you see one used and selling at a good price, snap it up. You likely can resell it for what you spend on it.