Hiawassee river

gk, did you notice she said that after
one relatively bad swim on the Hiwassee above Reliance, she has been running only the easier section below Reliance?

You weren’t the only one who didn’t read her posts carefully.

And I did not deny anything of what it
can do. Not a thing. Heck, it will make a BETTER snow sled, or flower planter, than any of my kayaks.

I took it as a general question
maybe she will clarify and resolve the issue.

I hadn’t gotten to the multi-purpose

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Slow down, you type too damn fast. I haven't had a chance to read everything.

You said
"I have no objection to people running rec kayaks on the Hiwassee at the normal, 2 generator level. But this is toward the upper limit of what rec kayaks can do safely and effectively.
Objection overruled and you don't know what rec boats can do safely or effectively.
BTW have we met?

OK , I read it but that was after…

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the initial posting. She didn't mention any problems in the beginning.

Check your definition of “safely and
effectively.” Just getting down a river most of the time with a lot of bailing is not “safely and effectively.”

Ideally, a boat should allow a paddler to achieve a high degree of mastery of all of a river’s features, and I haven’t seen rec boats that achieve that level on the Hiwassee.

I do not think we have met. Incidentally, I agree with your personal position on PFDs, even though I almost always wear one.

I haven’t tried the Hiawasse?
How does it compare to the Nantahala?

I have a neoprene and a nylon skirt and prefer to use on the nylon. Rolling with the nylon on tight I get about 1 gal max in the kayak. Haven’t rolled in moving water and have no intention of trying. I’d rather bail out and swim.

Well, I know you’re good, and I know
I’m not, but I can sure show you some moves, in my ww canoe, on the Nantahala, that are extremely difficult to imitate in a rec kayak.

Sounds like
you two need to get together and go paddle.

Have fun and be safe