Hole in my kayak

Get your money back!
Send a link to this thread to the guy who sold it to you, along with a note explaining what you now know about the boat. Maybe he will do the right thing -this time. The seller obviously has about as much integrity as anyone you could pick at random from the nearest prison, but it’s worth a try.

Return it
Definitely take it back.

My first boat…
…was definately a learning lesson. Now I’m really quite confident in being able to patch and repair w/epoxy…I learned a LOT! I don’t have a perfect boat as a result, but she is VERY dear to my heart, and a perfect learning and “beater” boat. I don’t think I would try to cross the Atlantic in her, but for situations were I might be concerned about damage, she fills the bill nicely. Still a very cool and unique boat.

You might be able to put a new “superduty” nose on that one with a welder or epoxy, and make “lemonade” out of a “lemon”?

(RAMMING SPEED, Scotty!.. Aye,…aye, …cap’n…)

I live in Miami, FL
I am in Miami, FL

The guy refused to refund my money and also lives 1.5 hour drive away.

Also he lives in a gated community so I cant even get past the front gate security guard without permission of a resident.

I will go ahead and try to stuff the spongue soaked in 3M epoxy. I would like to at least plug up the hole so the boat does not leak. Then perhaps I can give it away.

Or maybe I can just keep it. I paddle parallel to the shore so this may be okay.

Details to follow.

This has to be a joke
That is what is known as a “chop”.

The original Craigslist Ad
See the original craigslist Ad here:


He has since taken down the Ad.

Always haggle on Craigslist…
Wouldhave asked $125 and the wife and paddle too.

I know, WTF
how many posts here?

Miami paddling
If you are going to paddle, check these folks out. They are right in Miami, have rentals, so instruction etc.


For what it’s worth, a surprisingly high number of hypothermia cases happen in Florida because people underestimate the effect of cold water on a sunny day. It’s worth it to be conservative about how you dress, more than a swimsuit.

Water temp today…
…82.4 degrees… let me know when it is safe to go back in :slight_smile:

And yes Full Moon kayak is a good place.

83 !!!
LOL I would die of heat stroke.

OK - so you guys are warm…

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Still less than body temp and add a cool breeze... but it certainly beats the hell out of upstate NY water right now.

I've heard higher, but here's what I hit on an easy hit searching under hypothermia Florida.

"A large, multicenter, prospective study on accidental hypothermia found that 16% of the cases (69/428) occurred in Florida." from http://www.jaapa.com/issues/j20050601/articles/hypothermia0605.htm

Age definately a factor - how many people on this board are under the age of 30? :-)